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Netflix is ​​releasing a fun welcome video featuring Wednesday Addams’ new school, Nevermore Academy, ahead of Wednesday’s series premiere.

Netflix released a welcome video and interactive website introducing viewers to Nevermore Academy ahead of Wednesday’s release. The new Addams Family horror-comedy series will star Jenna Ortega in the lead role as the titular character on Wednesday. Following his previous forays into horror with films such as Scream, Ortega dazzled fans of the character in the trailer previously released by Netflix. The continued success of the Addams Family films of the 90s, in which Christina Ricci played the role of the macabre daughter of the family, has raised expectations for the next Netflix series. However, Netflix will branch out from previous Addams Family projects by drawing inspiration from the original comic book rather than the screen adaptations. The Netflix series will also shift the focus from the family as a whole to Wednesday Addams herself.

Wednesday, though it will feature the entire Addams Family unit, would center on Wednesday’s time at Nevermore Academy, the boarding school for outcasts where his loving parents Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzman ) they met. The series will feature an older, teenage version of Wednesday for the first time. A coming-of-age story Wednesday will introduce the main character as a teenager who has been expelled from eight schools in five years and is ultimately sent to Nevermore, where she is quickly absorbed in solving a mystery of supernatural murder linked to his family. as she tries to acclimatize and master her psychic powers. Previously, brief looks at Nevermore Academy have teased an appropriate Gothic architectural style.

Just in time for the spooky season, Netflix has now released a video showcasing Nevermore Academy in more detail. Offering a better look at characters like Gwendoline Christie’s Nevermore headmaster and several other Wednesday students, it’s a great way to acclimate before the show. The orientation-style welcome video also directs viewers to an interactive website, which includes more details about the series and notable Nevermore alumni, and even allows fans to apply for Nevermore. The app walks the user through a short, quirky quiz, then notifies them via email of the acceptance status. Watch the welcome video below:

Even in a school of outcasts and misfits, Wednesday seems awfully out of place in his appearance towards the end of the clip. On the website, in the “Meet the Students” section, she refers to feeling “suffocated” by the hospitality of other students. These details confirm that Wednesday will have a hard time fitting in at her new school, although the Academy is literally made for people like her. While Wednesday’s anti-social qualities are sure to get plenty of laughs, it’s likely the coming-of-age story will also explore the loneliness inherent in adolescence, hinting at an emotional journey for Wednesday. Both the video and website sport a whimsical tone without any malevolence attached to their macabre qualities, which perfectly encapsulates producer/director Tim Burton’s signature style.

Although the Netflix series offers a modernized take on Wednesday and the Addams Family audience that audiences know and love, the video and website prove the show will walk between contemporary and mysteriously gothic. With Burton, who also created Beetlejuice, and Edward Scissorhands at the helm, the series couldn’t be in better hands. Although Netflix has yet to set an official release date for Wednesday, the series is slated for fall 2022, which hopefully means viewers can enter Nevermore Academy in time for Halloween – as long as don’t forget to apply.

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Wednesday, New Addams School Explored in Welcome Video and Interactive Website | Pretty Reel