What happened to the program ‘They are here’: it leaves RCN and now it will have a new home

Photo: RCN Channel

For several years thatThey are here‘ has become one of the flagship programs of RCN Televisionbecause in addition to having generated good audience ratings, the space dedicated to paranormal phenomena obtained recognition for ‘Best journalistic and informative program’ at the 2018 Magazine TV awards.

And although it had four successful seasons, the program directed and presented by Rafael Taibo says goodbye to this channel to present a new installment through another signal.

According to what the Spanish researcher stated in an interview with the journalist Carlos Ochoa, this project will now migrate to digital platforms and will leave traditional television.

“The return of the original crew of They Are Here; will be on January 22 in world premiere, four hours of chilling investigation. I was scared shitless,” Taibo confessed.

In addition to the fact that it was not clarified through which service streaming the new episodes of ‘They are here’ will also be available, many also doubted whether Ayda Valenciaexpert in alternative therapies and who was present in the most recent seasons, will be present or not on this occasion.

The possible absence could be due, presumably, to the fact that the woman had already agreed to other commitments with her ‘From the Unknown’ tour, through which she presents a completely live paranormal investigation. However, this information has not been confirmed by any of the team members.

“Again organizing ideas and formulating Paranormal Phenomena Investigation strategies to bring you the best of paranormal phenomena. Infinite thanks as always to my great friends and co-workers whom I admire and love very much. And thanks also to Rafa Taibo for reuniting the team with which we have lived unimaginable experiences and adventures. Obviously, a thousand thanks to all of you for joining us and continuing to support our work”, said parapsychologist Alexander Torres.


What did become clear is that Valencia will be in the special chapter of ‘They are here’, which the public who buys their ticket and wishes to accompany them virtually in a new investigation that, as they have explained, will be able to attend. it could be made from the ruins of Armero to a sinister abandoned asylum, or from an old hospital to a dark and lost cemetery.

“On January 1, the chosen place will be made public and you will be able to be overwhelmed with the exciting world premiere on Sunday, January 22 at 8pm Colombian time, but you will be able to see it until February 22. A whole month on the air, like in the movies! (…) Take the opportunity to purchase your ticket in advance at an exceptional price, and be a privileged witness to a historic event expected in all corners of the planet”.

It is worth mentioning that all the episodes of ‘They are here’ can be seen on the RCN Televisión website for free and in order. There you can find the investigations carried out in the San Rafael Hospital in Bogotá, the Central Cemetery, the Sibaté mental hospital, the San Felipe Castle in Cartagena and many others.


The reactions to this decision to remove the program from RCN Televisión have been varied, because although some celebrate it, there are also those who have said that it is a total mistake and that they will miss being able to connect with these stories on weekends.


What happened to the program ‘They are here’: it leaves RCN and now it will have a new home