What to see: 3 recommended streaming movies of the youngest Johnny Depp demonstrating his talent

It’s hard to remember, because of the dominance he had in full maturity and also in later decades, but Johnny Depp had his own fame as a promising young star. A fame that many associate with broken toys, but that the actor knew how to overcome with several iconic roles.

However, in his early years he already showed charisma and talent. Not only in the television sensation of ‘new cops‘, but with some roles in high-caliber films. Even if he wasn’t the lead, managed to get noticed. These three movies, available to stream, are great finds, not just displays of great promise.

‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ (‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ 1984)

Director: Wes Craven. Distribution: Heather Langenkamp, ​​Robert Englund, Johnny Depp, John Saxon, Lin Shaye.

Hard to have a better movie debut than having a relevant role in one of the most iconic horror movies of all time. Although the function is dominated robert englund What Freddy Krueger Y Heather LangenkampDepp plays one of the most prominent roles in the group of young people tormented by the monster and also one of the best done deaths in the whole movie.

The entire cast is a good example of how well this jewel of Wes Craventhat started a very memorable saga with not a few films at the level of this one -some even better, but we’ll talk about that another day-. A sharp and violent piece of supernatural horror that still holds the magic it once had.

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‘Platoon’ (1986)

Platoon 1986 Johnny Depp

Director: Oliver Stone. Distribution: Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Kevin Dillon, Forest Whitaker, Johnny Depp.

Even if you’re going to have a minor role, it’s hard to say no to a big war production, especially a war like Vietnam. There’s a chance you’ll fall for such an iconic work about conflict as ‘Platoon’, the essential piece of Oliver Stone’s career which was quite a sensation and was considered the most complete work on the matter.

Depp was one of several young faces to appear in Stone’s ambitious piece, including the most prominent charlie sheen, Willem Dafoe either kevin dillon. In principle, Johnny was going to have an even more important role, although it was one of the many cuts that the director had to make in order not to make his film completely incomprehensible. Still, it works as part of this choral piece.

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‘Cry Baby (The tear)’ (‘Cry-Baby’, 1990)

Cry Baby 1990 Johnny Depp John Waters

Director: John Waters. Distribution: Johnny Depp, Traci Lords, Willem Dafoe, Amy Locane, Susan Tyrrell, Iggy Pop.

Where he does not have a secondary role is in the amazing piece by John Waters, ‘Cry Baby (The Tear)’. A Fabulous twist on 1950s musicals and high school movieswhere the singular author makes almost his own ‘grease‘. Which implies more surrealism and appearances of drag icons and some ex-porn actress.

With razor-sharp satire but also dizzying charisma, the film is a triumph of turn-of-the-decade independent cinema. And Johnny Depp is absolutely sensational in a role that demands everything from him, and ends up delivering it. he should be upside down among the five best works of his entire careerabove performances in autopilot mode that have received devotion.

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What to see: 3 recommended streaming movies of the youngest Johnny Depp demonstrating his talent