What to see this January 9

Choral photo of the cast of the new series ‘Blood and treasure’. / syfy

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Back to school and the end of vacations for more than one adult mark this beginning of the week in January where SYFY premieres a new series, TCM laughs at ‘Blue Mondays’, Movistar Plus+ broadcasts a documentary about the fall of the Nazis and Disney+ invites you to meet a unique koala man.

The space has a 3D set where Victorio Pérez shows the Canarian reality. /


Canarian Television, 9:15 p.m.

‘1 Hour Less’

The program, which produces
Videoreport Canary Islandshas become the most watched non-informative space on Canary Television.

Directed by César Armas and presented by Victorio Pérez‘1 Hora Menos’ surprises viewers every night (Monday to Friday), with new
virtual realities, curious reports and a completely renovated 3D set.

One of its hallmarks is bringing the viewer closer to the reality of the archipelago in a new way,
give voice to the canaries on all the islands and discover beautiful corners of the insular geography.

Movistar Premieres, 10:45 p.m.

’30 night with my ex’

The actor Adrián Suar debuts as a film director with this
dramatic comedy starring himself with Pilar Gamboa. In her,
an ex-partnerTurbo and Loba, separated for six years after her admission to a psychiatric center,
must join again so that Loba can adapt to life outside the center. Turbo will be forced to accept out of love for his daughter.

This new family life will make them live a crazy
roller coaster of emotions in which the illusion of being together again will prevail, above all. But will it only be 30 nights?

tape full of rhythm in which the interpretations of Suar and Gamboa stand out and in which a topic as serious as
Mental health through a human and sensitive vision that at no time falls into caricature or excess.

TCM, from 7:25 p.m.

Who said Blue Monday?

In TCM they do not believe in superstitions and refuse to let their viewers experience any
blue monday (in theory, the third Monday of January) . For this reason, every Monday in January, they have prepared a program made up of
films marked by a cheerful and optimistic tone.

A collection of films that will help us say loud and strong: Who said that today was Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year? Not in TCM, of course.

Today they broadcast at 7:25 p.m.
Whoa, what a night! (After Hours, 1985) and at 9:00 p.m.,
Annie (1982).

Thieves, terrorists and FBI agents are mixed in this new fiction. /


SYFY, 9:00 p.m.

‘Blood and treasure’

a premiere
Serie loaded with
adventures, treasures and dangers. Danny McNamara is a
former FBI agent specializing in stolen art and antiquities. Lexi Vaziri is a
ingenious art thief.

When terrorist Karim Farouk goes on the run with a priceless artifact,
Danny recruits Lexi to help him bring Farouk to justice.

Today a double chapter is broadcast: ‘Cleopatra’s curse’.

The tape is based on the novel by Gabriela Ybarra. /

movistar plus+

Movistar Premieres, 9:00 p.m.

‘The diner’

The film represents the return to the direction of the former Minister of Culture, Ángeles González-Sinde. It is the adaptation of the autobiographical novel of the same name by
Gabriela Ybarra, granddaughter of the employer and
ETA victim,
Javier Ybarra. The tape is a
tribute to the victims of ETA and an authentic portrait of family relationships through the figure of Gabriela and her father, marked from youth by the murder of her father.

‘The diner’ shows the
silence adopted by the father to protect himself, faced with her daughter’s need to know more about that trauma. different ways of
cope with loss of a loved one who materializes in the figure of Gabriela with the sudden loss of her mother as a result of cancer.

The film follows the adventures of Kevin, a family man living in Australia. /


Disney+, from today

Koala Man

Koala Man follows Kevin, a
middle-aged father and her not-so-secret identity, whose only superpower is a
burning passion to follow the rules and crack down on petty crime in the city of Dapto.

Although it may seem like any other Australian suburb,
evil forces, both cosmic and artificial,
they are lurking to pounce on the unsuspecting inhabitants of Dapto.

Koala Man, in his quest to clean up his hometown, and often involving his frustrated family in his adventures, is ready to act.
He will do whatever it takes to defeat the villains, to supernatural horrors or, worse yet, to morons who don’t put down the garbage cans on the right days.

The documentary focuses on the end of World War II and the absolute decline of the Nazis. /

movistar plus+

#0, 9:30 p.m.

‘The Rise of the Nazis: The Fall’ (S3)

December 1944. Germany is losing the war on all fronts. Her armies are exhausted and demoralized. After suffering heavy losses in battle and surviving an assassination attempt,
Hitler can only push the country towards the abyss.

This is the story of
collapse of the Third Reich. Tired and defeated, Hitler desperately clings to power surrounded by those supposedly loyal, but in reality
they are betraying each other. Who will remain loyal to Hitler? Who will betray him? And when?

The third season of this BBC production features the testimonies of historians and experts that take us inside the minds of the main actors in the conflict. A story that is also built through
archival footage and flawless dramatic reconstructions illustrating the testimonials.

What to see this January 9