What to watch if you like ‘Smile’: 3 terrifying movies with curses and supernatural evil forces available on streaming for a scary night

Very few saw it coming and it is becoming the sensation of the horror genre of the moment. With an effective campaign, fabulous execution and good word of mouth (or smile to ear) we are witnessing how ‘smile‘ is becoming quite a sensation.

Again, the key is how well it executes its ideas and also the scares, taking full advantage of the psychological anguish of the supernatural threat that constantly haunts you. The genus has other examples of macabre curses that are on the loose and seek to claim as many lives as they canand here we have three formidable examples that can be seen through streaming platforms.

‘Infernal possession’ (‘The Evil Dead’, 1981)

Direction: Sam Rami. Distribution: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Richard DeManincor, Theresa Tilly.

A little more teasing and fun than the others that we are going to review today, Sam Raimi’s debut feature is a powerful cyclone created from the indefatigable and insane persecution carried out by the evil that surrounds us. The existence of an evil book capable of unleashing evil forces is all the necessary basis for making an unerring supernatural nightmare.

And yet, there is room for humor. A crazy component of comedy, almost cartoonish, that would be accentuated in the subsequent sequels that followed. This combination creates one of the best debut works by a filmmaker. A true triumph of independent and creative cinemawith well-executed ideas and a direction full of personality and strength.

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‘The Ring (The signal)’ (‘The Ring’, 2002)

The Ring The Signal 2002 Gore Verbinski

Direction: Gore Verbinski. Distribution: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox, David Dorfman, Daveigh Chase.

Few horror movies dominated turn-of-the-century culture more than Gore Verbinski’s playful remake of Hideo Nakata’s groundbreaking Japanese horror. Although it’s hard not to be shocked when your premise is that a supernatural force is going to kill you in seven days if you watch a banned videotape.

Verbinski is the kind of filmmaker who can inject verve and energy into what would have been yet another jack-of-all-trades remake in the hands of another. The movie is a fast-paced attraction, with a great terrifying atmosphere who knows how to take advantage of the idea at hand. Adrenaline, tension and suspense even in the most everyday things thanks to ingenuity and talent.

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‘It Follows’ (2014)

It Follows 2014

Direction: David Robert Mitchell. Distribution: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi.

Certainly it is a bit easy to resort to ‘It Follows’ in relation to ‘Smile’, since not a few are mentioning the David Robert Mitchell film in relation to it. And the reason is simple, both touch a curse whose subtext is real and identifiable tormentbe it the stigma of sexuality or the shared and propagated trauma.

But there are clear differences. Mitchell makes an intelligent exercise in supernatural horror, very respectful of the genre’s foundations and with the ability to rethink them. Fabulous music that creates a perfect atmosphere, a good handling of restlessness, exquisitely shot despite the limitations and with a lot to scratch it as soon as you want to go deeper. Is one of the best films of the past decade.

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What to watch if you like ‘Smile’: 3 terrifying movies with curses and supernatural evil forces available on streaming for a scary night