What to watch on Netflix: a brutal video game adaptation that has become a cult movie in the horror genre

A nightmarish and sinister movie with a town full of fog and creepy threats. You can already see the adaptation of the game ‘Silent Hill’ in ‘streaming’.

You can now enjoy streaming one of those quite successful video game adaptations, which managed to have moderate success and has been generating a certain cult following among horror movie fans. A chilling film with a lot of sinister atmosphere and quite a few aesthetic peculiarities that distinguish it from other films that fall into the supernatural. We are talking about Silent Hill.

The film adapts the video game saga of the same name developed by KonamiWhat is it considered one of the best horror franchises along with Resident Evil by both players and critics. Difficult bar to aspire to, but Christophe Gans managed a fairly close film both visually and in its creepy tone, with an interesting cast that includes Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden, Sean Bean and Deborah Kara Unger.

Radha Mitchell plays a mother who is given one of the worst possible nightmares by reality: a mysterious illness that puts her daughter’s life at risk and for which the doctors find no possible solution. Her only proposal is to commit her to a psychiatric institution, but she ignores that advice. Instead of her, she notices some words that her daughter repeats continuously: Silent Hill.

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These words refer to a mysterious remote town to which he decides to go, because it is possible that there is the answer to the mystery that is torturing his daughter. Upon reaching the town, a mysterious silhouette stands in his way, which is already a fearsome warning along with the perpetual fog that populates the atmosphere of the place. However, he ventures into the unknown, and he will find endless threats and secrets from which it will not be easy to survive.

Almost all of these elements are characteristic of the games of the late 1990s and early 2000s, from the perpetual fog to the immersion in sinister locations filled with darkness. There will also be space for really twisted and wild supernatural creatureswhose macabre aesthetics and ferocity give for some shocking scares that will make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

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Christophe Gans picks up the visual aspects of games well and puts them into motion with tremendous and unhealthy taste. Together with screenwriter Roger Avary, who was a regular collaborator with Quentin Tarantino in his first films and with whom he has a highly recommended podcast, they maintain the creepy and nightmare horror ringtoneinstead of taking the more light-hearted but brutal route that other video game adaptations have taken, such as resident Evil.

That’s why many gamers have fond memories of this film version of the revered video games, and many horror fans appreciated its unique ideas. Even when it tries to play it easy by giving a convoluted answer to all the mysteries of the town, the film is unique and very powerful. Why it has become a cult gem of the genre.

You can see Silent Hill on Netflix.

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What to watch on Netflix: a brutal video game adaptation that has become a cult movie in the horror genre