What to watch on Netflix: one of the most powerful and successful horror movies of recent years arrives on the platform

The director of ‘Let me out’ and the recent ‘Nope’ offered us another incredible gem of a terrifying genre with ‘Nosotros’. A sensation that you can already see in streaming.

One more great movie from the new great master of current terror, which has three successes in a row. This film was quite a phenomenon at the time, both for horror film fans and for a general public that was intrigued by its peculiar proposal. And perhaps it is the best film of the three. Get ready to be blown away by us.

From this week you can enjoy on the streaming platform Netflix of this particular jewel of Jordan Peele, the genius who was already uncovered with Let me out and this year has surprised us again with Nop. Here he proposes a haunting combo of psychological thriller, home invasion slasher, and supernatural horrorand features a fabulous cast including Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Nyong’o plays Adelaide Wilson, a woman who suffered a traumatic episode in her childhood, who we see portrayed in the opening sequence of the film. While she was at the fair with her family, she gets lost for a moment and ends up in a mirror maze attraction where finds something that scares her to unimaginable extremes.

No one gave a damn about it and they called it “stupid” but it turned out to be one of the best horror movies of the last decade

Years later, she has grown up, had professional success as a dancer and started her own family, with whom she goes to spend the summer in the same vacation spot where she got lost as a child. Something is bothering her while they are there, but she tries to keep her composure so that her family can enjoy the holidays. However, one night they are assaulted by a violent group, who also have a really scary quality: they are identical doubles of themselves.

The idea of ​​doubles is further developed throughout the film by Peele. We know how they have organized themselves, how they have been staying under the surface, subjugated by those on top, and how they have decided to launch their offensive to turn the tables. The film launches powerful slashes against social and economic inequalities that govern society through their powerful allegory.

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But not only the metaphor is nourished Us, as the film shows Peele’s powerful progression as a director. We find really dazzling moments in staging, in narrating through images and symbols, in creating moments of visceral terror with violence or build a story with twists worthy of classics like the Twilight Zone.

Neither give up humor, a field that the director handles to spare and that he introduces in small pills to avoid monotony in the film. A powerful combination that works, is suggestive and also entertains. You can have a fairly complete Halloween session if you wear it these days, whether you want to have a scary time or if you want to enjoy pure and simple cinema.

You can see Us in Netflix.

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What to watch on Netflix: one of the most powerful and successful horror movies of recent years arrives on the platform