Who is Wednesday Addams? Everything you need to know about the character

Wednesday Addams is the protagonist of the new series of Netflix. However, there is an impressive story behind the disturbed young teenager. This is what you should know before watching the production.

Netflix premieres a new chilling production. The Addams Family return to television. Tim Burton directs the first series of his career. And no, it is not about three isolated news, but about the same one. It is the arrival of Wednesdaythe show inspired by the eldest daughter of the dark family that is remembered to this day in popular culture.

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Each Halloween Hundreds of women make two pigtails on either side of their face, look for a black dress and put on veiled stockings. This, gloomy, dark and disturbing, is the outfit of Wednesday Addams, a teenager who is not interested in courtships or dolls. For her part, her interests focus on murder, mystery, and monsters.

His scary personality and almost zero facial expressions were the two main things that captivated Burton to take a break from movies and into TV. In 8 episodes In one hour, the filmmaker recreated the story of the curious character’s arrival at high school.

A little history

Los locos Addams is one of the most famous series of the 60’s. Premiered in 1964, the program told the story of a more than strange family. Parents, Homer and Morticiaare two millionaires living in a mansion at #0001 Cemetery Street. The humor of this innovative story focused on the clash of the realities of the eccentric family and normal people.

Together with the two previous characters, their children also appeared, Wednesday and periclesas well as his servants Lengthan extremely tall man resembling Frankenstein’s monster, and Stuff. The latter was a hand without a body.

The Addams Family 1964

Uncle Thing (a furry creature to a fault) and Uncle Foul (a perverted vampire-like fellow) also completed the family. The tone mixed satire, horror and a lot of comedy.

It was so successful that there was a trilogy 30 years later. A first film was released in 1991, the second in 1994, and the third in 1998.

Wednesday’s character is one of the most evolved. Lisa Loring brought him to life in the original series. However, in this version she was just a little girl with a sad and disturbed look. There were not many details and she did not have much prominence.

On the contrary, it was the central axis of the first tape. Christina Ricci managed to make the young member of the family a leader. She turned a cold and calculating mind into the body of a girl. The actress rose to fame thanks to her character.

The new

Is now Jenna Ortega Who plays Wednesday? The interpreter is known for her role as the young version of Jane in Jane, the Virgin. She also appeared in the fifth installment of Scream.

Also, the actress is not the only novelty. To further enrich his story and, in fact, to create a universe around him, Tim Burton leaned towards recreating his school days. For that, in Nevermore Academy, he included characters that accompany Addams during his adventure in high school.

Enid, a werewolf seeking family approval is her roommate. The gargoyle with the power to make everything she draws come true, Xavierbecomes obsessed with Wednesday. Bianca She is a mermaid who will appear almost as a jealous enemy of the popularity that the new student reaches. Finally, a mortal named tyler hides a giant secret while stealing the heart of the protagonist.

Another of the prominent characters in this Netflix series is that of the teacher marilyn thornhill. This is a tutor who will seek to guide these young monsters to live in peace. However, the most outstanding detail is that she is played by Ricci, who was already in Wednesday’s shoes almost 30 years ago.

The name and curiosities

A curiosity is that the name of Wednesday in English is Wednesday Friday Addams. That is, Wednesday Friday Addams in Spanish. However, in Latin America it is called merlina much more common and more fitting name.

Another peculiarity was the description that the cartoonist Charles Addams made the character. “This child is pale and delicate…sensitive and quiet, loves picnics and outings into underground caverns…a solemn, ball-dressed and generally rather lost child…reserved and imaginative, poetic, seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums… he has six toes on one foot…”, indicated its creator.

Wednesday appeared in Scooby Doo Y debi derryberry, since its author was a cartoonist for Hannah Barbera. Cindy Henderson was the first to voice the animated version of her. The actress played her role in the Addams animated series and in the aforementioned productions. In 2019, Chloe Grace Moretz played her in the new animated film.

series details

The series is an intriguing mystery with a supernatural undertone that follows Merlina Addams in her years as a college student. Never Again Academy. Merlina must master her budding psychic ability, thwart a monstrous murder wave terrorizing the city, and solve the paranormal mystery involving her parents 25 years ago… all while dealing with her complicated relationships in Never. Plus.

Technical team

Showrunners / Executive Producer / Script: Alfred Gough and Miles Miller

Direction / Executive Production: Tim Burton

Executive production: Steve Stark, Andrew Mittman (1.21 Entertainment), Kevin Miserocchi (Tee and Charles Addams Foundation), Kayla Alpert, Jonathan Glickman (Glickmania), Gail Berman, Tommy Harper, Kevin Lafferty

Cast: Jenna Ortega (“Merlina Addams”), Gwendoline Christie (“director Larissa Weems”), Jamie McShane (“Sheriff Galpin”), Percy Hynes White (“Xavier Thorpe”), Hunter Doohan (“Tyler Galpin), Emma Myers (” Enid Sinclair”), Joy Sunday (“Bianca Barclay”), Naomi J. Ogawa (“Yoko Tanaka”), Moosa Mostafa (“Eugene Ottinger”), Georgie Farmer (“Ajax Petropolus”), Riki Lindhome (“Dr. Valerie Kinbott »), with Christina Ricci (“Marilyn Thornhill”)

Additional cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones (“Morticia Addams”), Luis Guzmán (“Homero Addams”) and Isaac Ordonez (“Pericles Addams”)

The show will premiere on November 23 in Netflix.

Who is Wednesday Addams? Everything you need to know about the character