Why we see ghosts according to science

as you can imagine The science explain why we see ghostsassured that you have several causes why this happens.

Obviously, everything is in our brain, which is the cause of playing tricks on us and ultimately getting the different entities to appear before us with intentions such as reflections, sounds, shadows, etc.

The problem of this type of explanations that can provide us the scientists It is that for each one that science disassembles, another paranormal experience appears whose explanation is even more implausible.

But the truth is that many of the encounters with beings that are not alive can be resolved with the reasons that we are going to explain below and that are correct according to science.

What is clear is that it is one of those issues in which there are as many detractors as there are enthusiastic people who believe that everything that is published about these facts. It will be difficult to convince a person who thinks in the negative sense as another individual who firmly believes that the spirit of his grandfather is in a parallel limbo.

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If someone who thinks about the paranormal enters a place where they assure them that they are haunted, it is most likely that they have some kind of paranormal experience or something that bothers them, since they are already suggested for it.

In 1997, a group of researchers led 22 people in a theater that had seen better days, so that they could make observations of what they had lived inside. The half of those individuals had paranormal experiences and they believed that it was haunted, while the rest only saw a theater under construction or battered.

As you may have imagined, those who lived experiences from another world were the ones who came suggested to see an enchanted theater.

These data reflect that people who already have some type of incitement to suppose or feel something, in the end end up experiencing it, so they suggestion has much greater power than it may seem at first.

cold spots

If you have ever seen a television program about the supernatural, they always say that being in a cold place means that an entity is nearby.

According to science, the fact that we are in a cold spot does not have to mean that we have violated the space of a spirit, since cold spots are phenomena that can be due to drafts or sudden drop in humidityaccording to the study of Richard Wiseman about the apparitions of Mary King’s Close.

This same study found that people had more paranormal or cold experiences in famous placesthat is to say, in those who already knew in advance that something had happened, than in the places that had no relevance.

The religion

Some researchers published an article called Supernatural Agency: Predictors of Individual Differences and Situational Correlates.

This bombastic title suggested that people with ideas more spiritual are more likely to have religious paranormal experiences and they also show more empathy towards everything they don’t understand.

This study went on to assert that those individuals living in threatening environmentshave more experiences about the paranormal, but not religious.



The same study that we talked about in the previous point and a later one, specifically analyzed Whether stress can cause women to report paranormal experiences.

In this case, a women’s group was created in a city in central-eastern Turkey and determined that those who suffered trauma in the childhood or had some form of post-traumatic stress disorder, they were significantly more likely to experience things like possession, precognition, or sensory perception.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is being in the REM state of sleep and then you wake upbut not completely, which causes you to be in a hybrid state of consciousness, in which you are still experiencing hallucinations typical of dreams, along with the real thing and on top of that you cannot move.

This is something that doesn’t happen to everyone, so not many experience it, but if it does the experience can be really strange at first, if not terrifying.

Malfunction of the brain

According to him Pew Research Center18% of Americans say they have seen a ghost.

In the year 2006, a neurologist in switzerland he was trying to isolate the part of the brain responsible for the seizures of a 23-year-old woman. The moment she applied current to a certain part of her brain, the woman felt a mysterious and shadowy person standing behind her.

This has led some academics to claim that what was being done was stimulate the part of the brain responsible for these sensations of beings or ghosts.

carbon monoxide or mold

It may be that there are certain substances that are causing us to suddenly see ghosts, out of the blue, when everything has always been normal.

If this is the case, it is best to make sure that we are not in the middle of a situation that not only makes us hallucinate, but that can be lethal, such as a carbon monoxide leak In the House.

There is case dated 1920 where a woman heard footsteps, felt that they were following her, heard how her furniture was pushed and even saw feet under the bed, until she went to the doctor. In the end it was all due to a carbon monoxide leak in the furnace, which was severe enough to cause hallucinations, but not severe enough to cause death.

There are also researchers who believe that there is a link between mold You can have a house for various reasons and paranormal experiences.

A 2009 study showed that certain types of mold can cause problems such as delirium, movement disorders, in addition to problems with balanceand coordination. From there, many scientists think that having some kind of hallucination due to these substances is not unreasonable, although it is something that has not been proven today.

we may need it

It may be that we simply need to think or that we like others to tell us that there is something beyond death.

Believing in ghosts or knowing that others have experimented with them makes us feel like we can glimpse a life after death. This can satisfy and calm our own fear of dying, for not wanting to accept (perhaps) that everything ends once we have died.

Whether or not we are religious people, if ghosts exist, this will confirm that after we disappear from this world we can take refuge in another. and that’s how we humans are, even though it seems like it’s not the ideal place, many need it to live more peacefully.

Why we see ghosts according to science