Windsor: the haunted castle!

Located west of London in Berkshire, the venerable Windsor Castle, whose construction began in the late 11th century and which has seen many developments since, is the oldest continuously inhabited royal palace in Europe . It is a legendary building, huge with a surface area of ​​52,000 square meters spread over more than a thousand rooms!, in the characteristic pink color. The late Queen Elizabeth II particularly liked to live there like her ancestors. It is also there that, according to her wishes, she rests with her husband, Prince Philip, and her parents, King George VI and the Queen Mother, Elizabeth.


Such a place, steeped in history with a capital “H” and endless corners, is conducive to letting your imagination wander as you wander around. To date, twenty-five reports of apparitions (ghosts, spirits) have been identified, making Windsor the most haunted British royal residence, even more than the Scottish castles whose reputation in this area is no longer to do ! The magazine Mirror thus evokes many limping specters, soldiers performing the military salute and even stolen bones…

“His footsteps can be heard on the bare floor.”

If several members of the royal family claim to have had encounters that are out of the ordinary, it is indeed the testimony of Elizabeth II, known for her pragmatism and probity, which troubles observers the most. According to her, she would have, in the company of her younger sister Margaret (who died in 2002), saw the ghost of Queen Elizabeth I, who reigned during the 16th century! Does this mean that the one nicknamed the “Virgin Queen”, the last representative of the Tudor line and whose long reign – 44 years in duration – corresponded to the first golden age of the British Crown, judged her distant epigone worthy of the throne she herself had occupied?

Marketing argument

This supernatural manifestation would in any case have “terrified” Elizabeth II, who is not the only one to have seen the ghost of Elizabeth I that we would most often come across at the Windsor library… According to the tourist site Visit Britain, which has made tales of haunted castles a marketing ploy, “his footsteps can be heard on the bare floor, before his striking presence appears”. It would not be uncommon either to come across Georges III (1760-1820) in the room below the library, where he was confined at the end of his life due to his blindness and terrible rheumatism, or to hear the bumpy steps of the terrible Henry VIII, victim of leg ulcers during his lifetime!

True or false, these allegations maintain the myth of Windsor Castle and its prestigious occupants who, let us remember, more than just men and women, are the representatives of God on this earth. However, one can wonder if the Most High would allow such apparitions which are more pure fantasy and pagan culture than piety!

Buckingham and reality TV…


By marrying Zara Phillips, the daughter of Princess Anne, in 2011, the former high-level rugby player Mike Tindall (winner of the World Cup in 2003) has become a key figure in the British monarchy. Friendly, warm, direct, he clashes with the strict framework of royal protocol. However, by agreeing to appear on a reality TV show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of There! (“I’m a celebrity…Get me out of here!”, where it’s about surviving in the jungle), he risks making Buckingham cringe. He has indeed promised to be “an open book” during the ordeal, reports the Daily Mail. Would King Charles III have anything to worry about?

Louis-Paul CLEMENT

Windsor: the haunted castle!