➤ Camp and horror movies in Xochimilco this Halloween

This Halloween comes to Xochimillco Noctambulante, a camp with the best of horror movies. The theme will be “supernatural horror, legends and folklore”.

Time and Date:

4:00 p.m.

Place of the event:

Chinampa La Llorona



3rd private of Ayecatl No.38 Barrio, La Asunción, Mexico City, CDMX

Event mode:


Event status:


night owl returns with an anniversary edition. The chinampa of la llorona in Xochimilco will be the place of the next horror movie camp to be held this Halloween. attend this marathon with chilling projections from the bowels of the forest and under the moonlight!

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This Halloween go to Noctambulante, a horror camp in Xochimilco

In June, another edition of Noctambulante was held in Xochimilco and if you missed it, you can visit it in October with an anniversary edition that is darker than ever! This horror film camp celebrates 14 years wearing the best of horror movies to spectacular locations outside of traditional theaters. This is a perfect event for those adventure lovers who are not afraid of the dark.

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The next October 29 and 30 Noctambulante will arrive at the channels of Xochimilco. The experience begins with a trajinera tour until you reach the Chinampa of La Llorona, where you can enjoy a horror movie marathon while camping with your friends or family. The functions will be from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. of the next day.

Not yet announced billboard official, but Noctambulante usually has a spectacular curatorship. In past editions they have had themes such as “Alone in the forest” or “Pagan sects, witchcraft and satanic rituals”. For this October the theme will be “supernatural horror, legends and folklore” What movies will they surprise us with? Keep an eye on their networks to know the program.

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What does your ticket include?

  1. Roundtrip transportation at any time
  2. Access to any screening area of ​​Noctambulante (2 areas)
  3. Access to the camping area: does not include a tent or sleeping bag. Do not forget to bring your own for a much more comfortable and private experience!

Services with extra cost:

  1. Parking $60
  2. Cafe service

How to get to Noctambulante in Xochimilco?

Although there will be boats leaving at different times until midnight, our suggestion is that you arrive early so you can settle in a better place and make the most of your time. The trajineras will start leaving at 16:00 from the Michmani Ecotourism Park.


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At the moment the tickets They are already available for pre-sale. We suggest you acquire them as soon as possible since as the date of the event approaches, the costs rise.

First phase: from September 1 to 16

  • $400 single
  • $700 couples
  • $2,000 family package (6 tickets)

Second phase: from September 17 to October 2

  • $430 overall
  • $750 couples

Third phase: from October 3 to 16

  • $450 single
  • $780 couples
  • $2,200 family pack (6 tickets)

Fourth phase: from October 17 to 28

  • $470 single
  • $800 couples
  • $2,300 family pack (6 tickets)

Event day

  • $480 overall
  • $850 couples
  • $2,400 family pack

Get your tickets at official website of mass panic.

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➤ Camp and horror movies in Xochimilco this Halloween