10 animated films that were about to be made but were canceled for the most incomprehensible reasons

From the “what if …” series, these 10 animated films never came out.

THE animation film they told some great stories on the big screen. But sometimes the best are the ones that never came out. Whether the concept has been totally trashed or has taken a different form, the canceled projects are numerous and, at least in some cases, leave a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth, as they had considerable potential. Usually, black smoke has depended on production, plot, or business management issues. Here are 10 animated films never completed for various reasons.

1. Animated film: American Dog

After directing Lilo & StitchChris Sanders came up with an equally atypical idea, centered on a dog actor crossing America with his companions, a large rabbit and a cat with an eye patch. But, due to disagreements with the firm, Sanders was replaced. American Dog it would evolve into Bolt – A four-legged herowhile Sanders would direct the first chapter of How to Train Your Dragon.

2. Larrikins

The story takes place in Australia and features a bandicoot named Perry who leaves his lair for the first time. With a group he travels throughout the country, encountering exotic and dangerous species. Everything fell apart when DreamWorks merged with Universal. The drawings would be reused in the short film Bilby.

3. Animated film: Dumbo 2

The sequel dedicated to the famous flying elephant would have seen him flanked by different animals, each with its own personality, once removed from the circus. Unfortunately, in full swing, the former head of Disney Animation ordered the immediate cancellation of any direct-to-DVD sequels, including Dumbo 2.

4. Newt

Newt was a Pixar work revolving around two blue-legged newts meeting to prevent the extinction of their species. In the end, nothing came of it because the team realized it was too similar to Rio and the designated manager, Pete Docter, preferred to work on another film: Inside Out.

5. Animated film: Kingdom of the Sun

In the beginning it would have been a stylistic musical The prince and the pauper. In the plot, a domineering emperor named Manco swaps his identity with an identical lama shepherd named Pacha. The director of the Lion King, Roger Allers, and would have Sting’s music. But since the results did not convince the executives, he was later transformed into The Emperor’s New Groove.

6. Wild Life

Disney was willing to experiment with an animated film forbidden to children under 13, complete with references to drugs, alcohol and relationships with the adult world. It would have been inspired by the pop culture of the seventies, set in a nightclub where a shy and awkward elephant he would have turned into a superstar. The then manager Roy E. Disney decided to cancel it, as it is contrary to the proposed contents.

7. Animated film: Popeye by Gendy Tartakovsky

Popeye animated film never made Cinematographe.it

In 2012, the reinterpretation for Sony of the Popeye from Gendy Tartakovskycreator of Samurai Jack And Hotel Transylvania. Despite the positive reception received by the first anticipation, in 2015 Tartakovsky revealed that he had left the ship.

8. Gigantic

The animated film would be a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, set in Spain during the era of explorers. Jack, the main character, goes on an expedition to the land of giants, befriending Inma, a girl 18 meters tall. According to the study, the story did not seem to work and, on 10 October 2017, Gigantic was postponed indefinitely.

9. Animated film: The wind in the willows by Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo Del Toro had in store an adaptation of The wind in the willows for Disney. According to the well-known director he would have combined the natural and atmospheric elements of the story. The upper floors, however, wanted more comedy and spendability in merchandising.

10. BOO: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations

This supernatural comedy would have been about a secret government agency intent on protecting humanity from ghosts. In reality, the agents, themselves ghosts, aim to bring down the supernatural forces of evil.

The two main characters would be voiced by Seth Rogen And Melissa McCarthy. While no official announcement has come, there has been no noteworthy progress since its announced launch date, scheduled for 2015.

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10 animated films that were about to be made but were canceled for the most incomprehensible reasons