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Two of the original “Big Three” anime are back on screen in an unofficial reunion, with Bleach getting its final arc adapted and One Piece getting a new movie, Red. This has allowed a discussion to emerge with fans about whether any of the protagonists of these shows are actually “overrated”.

The folks at Reddit have been discussing this topic recently to include the whole anime genre. They base their judgment on whether certain main characters in a popular anime are too powerful in their universes, have too much plot armor, or are just too boring for the audience.

Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tale

Natsu Dragneel is the main protagonist of Fairy Tale and is the adopted son of the dragon Igneel. His energetic personality and inability to drive vehicles without getting sick has resonated with countless fans, but some would disagree.

Redditor Lilith_Immaculate_ is of the latter opinion, lamenting that Natsu is the “least developed character” in the entire series. Other characters, like Ezra Scarlet, have had more thought given to their character development. Essentially, Natsu is an MC who has had little to no growth for the entire series compared to the others he has traveled with.

Kirito – Online Sword Art

Sword Art Online offers some viewers a universe in which characters can live within a video game. For most, this could be a nightmare, and the series’ main protagonist, Kirito, seems to understand that.

Mentobasa, however, thinks Kirito is the wrong window for the audience to look into this world. When Redditors started discussing overrated anime characters on one of the many threads, Kirito was Redditor’s first choice to start the conversation. They explained, “Everyone in SAO is served to make Kirito more badass. Either by giving it the limelight directly, or indirectly, by treating it as a higher entity. »

Hachiman Hikigaya – My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected

When it comes to being misunderstood, Hachiman from My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected can relate. Being a dead fish-eyed protagonist for a rom-com is a big glass of water for anyone who fits that description.

Bakayaro_Matsuda believes this harms the series, as the protagonist’s thoughts can be misinterpreted as truths. “Take his ‘Nice Girls’ speech for example. Is he right ? For himself, perhaps. But really, if people start to agree with a loner about how he pushes others away for being nice, then it starts to become a problem for the people who “praise” him. »

Light Yagami – Death Note

Death Note easily boasts one of anime’s most tragic protagonists/villains, Light Yagami. Gifted with a special notebook with the ability to undo anyone’s life if their name is written on it, Light quickly acquires a god-complex and begins to shape the world anew in his view.

Redditor Mamimisamejimamimi, however, considers it a flaw of the series in putting such a character in the spotlight. “He’s your average one-note villain, but he’s the protag instead of the villain, so pissed off teenagers who think they’re geniuses and hate the world and think they know the answer to its problems” relate to him. »

Saitama – One Punch

One Punch Man is one of those properties that can spark a lot of debate against fans. From Superman to Goku, all have been touted as possible candidates to take on the One Punch Man himself, Saitama.

The series relishes the gag that all it takes for Saitama to defeat any foe is just one punch. But Redditor CookieThief420 sees Saitama simply as a gag character and “being a gag character doesn’t get you anywhere.”


Goku is undoubtedly one of the most iconic main characters in anime, especially for American viewers. A simple man with simple ideals, simple tastes, and a simple will to fight, Goku is the embodiment of the ultimate shonen protagonist who lives to fight and remain a child at heart.

But Redditor Bron_3 considers Goku to be lacking many characteristics to really earn him the hype. “He’s the Mary Sue textbook and he’s only in it because he likes to fight. No morality, no personal growth, he just conveniently finds a new twist or transformation when the story needs him to hit even harder than before. »


The other member of the famous “Big Three” from the anime, Naruto is one of the most recognizable names even to those unaware. From its goofy hijinks to its most emotional and action-packed moments, the shinobi world has been revered by many in the nime subspace.

While many enjoy Naruto and many of its iconic characters and scenes, others, like Redditor Adeem27, agree that the protagonist, the series namesake, is arguably one of its weakest links. “He’s not that bad but he’s not good either. He barely changes, he only gets stronger. He’s so bland and overrated. »

Deku – My Hero Academia

One of the most popular shonen properties to release recently is My Hero Academia, a world that embodies a set of circumstances that stands in direct contrast to that of the X-Men. The majority of Earth’s population was born with superpowers, while those without are in the minority. MHA’s main character, Deku, had once belonged to the latter category before meeting his idol and role model, All For One, and receiving his abilities.

Deku is best characterized as absolute, and it’s hard to shake him off of what he believes to be right and what’s wrong. The world of MHA has struggled with its themes in its gray world and Deku is certainly the center of it. Many, like one Redditor in particular, felt ostracized for pointing out that Deku might not be the ideal MC for a story like MHA. “Because they weren’t my favourites, I was criticized by crazy people, so I left the fandom after a while. »

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of those anime titles that evokes 2000s nostalgia. Edward Elric is on a journey to retrieve his brother’s body after a failed attempt to bring their mother back through human transmutation has terribly gone wrong. Along the way, the two become more entangled than they bargained for as they find themselves in the midst of various geopolitical conflicts and a group of homunculi who wish to turn the world upside down.

Although the series can be seen as a whole, the Elric brothers are certainly at the heart of the tale. Still, not everyone agreed with Edward as the main character. His headstrong and brash nature could easily become tiresome and a note to many. Redditor Shoubacktyt also believed him, stating that Edward wasn’t as “convincing as the rest of the FMAB cast.”

Sakuta Azusagawa – Rascal Doesn’t Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Doesn’t Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai comes across, at a glance, as one of those titles that many would be forgiven for wanting nothing to do with quickly. Yet it is more than its long and evocative name. The story has a surprising twist of being a supernatural mystery where a young man, Sakuta, helps a famous actress, Mai, who suffers from adolescent syndrome.

Redditor Bill Murrie sees Sakuta as a character who can live out a “power fantasy they don’t want to admit.” The premise lends credence to this, as Sakuta is a lonely individual who finds himself helping various women he is attracted to, all of whom suffer from the same affliction as Mai.

10 Most Overrated Anime Protagonists, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel