3 video games to (re)discover on Netflix

These are contents that often go unnoticed by users of the streaming platform, yet they are there. Yes, in addition to its huge catalog of movies, series, documentaries and other entertainment shows, Netflix also offers video games. Here are three that have been talked about recently.

We know Netflix’s desire to invest more and more in the video game field. And it could well be that the wishes of the streaming giant are starting to be granted. While the N rouge platform regularly expands its catalog of video games, certain titles, taken from its famous original programs, but not only, are more and more talked about. Here are three very popular games lately, which are therefore available at no extra cost with your Netflix subscription.

High Voltage Seduction: Love at Stake

You could not miss the phenomenon Too Hot to Handleor in good French High Voltage Seduction, and especially last season with our favorite rule-breaker couple Seb and Kayla. If you liked binge-watching this program on Netflix, why not play it? The platform’s reality show has indeed given birth to a simulation game called, quite simply, High Voltage Seduction: Love at Stake.

Create and personalize your avatar to your taste, then join the beach where you will meet the singles with whom you will share the adventure. One by one, as in reality TV, they will join you to get to know each other, it’s up to you to decide the approach you will have with them. Are you going to set your sights on someone right away? Would you prefer to wait a little better to know him or her? Will you be able to take advantage of it before the restrictions arrive? Objective: to create sentimental relationships and deeper connections while respecting Lana’s rules. It is you who have your destiny and that of the game in your hands, knowing that the development of the story depends on your decision-making and the relationships you decide to maintain with the other participants.

So who will walk away with the top prize of $200,000? How will the connections you make with other singles end up? Will your character find true love over the weeks?

Twelve Minutes

This is THE Netflix game of the moment. If you follow a bit of what’s going on on Twitch, you must have seen streamers Aminematue and RebeuDeter play there recently. It is obviously about Twelve Minutes, a pure original creation. Because you should know that Netflix does not just offer games derived from its flagship programs: the streaming giant also publishes independent games.

If you don’t know this title yet, get ready to live a macabre night. In Twelve Minutes, you play as a man who has just returned from work and who is about to spend a romantic evening with his wife. In particular, you have the choice between several possibilities during your interactions with her, among other decisions to be made. While everything is obviously going pretty well, the evening suddenly turns into a nightmare when a policeman arrives at your house, accuses your wife of having committed a horrible murder and repaints you as a bonus. After which, back to square one: you will find yourself at the exact moment you opened the door to go home.

Twelve Minutes makes you tirelessly relive the same evening, and more specifically, as its name suggests, those same 12 minutes spent with your wife until the policeman arrived. How do you get out of this hellish time loop? Gather clues and use the knowledge you’ve acquired each time you start over to try to get out of it.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Are you a fan of Eleven, Mike, Will and all the rest of the Hawkins gang? So here’s a game for you, released on the occasion of the release of season 3 of the famous fantasy series on Netflix. Stranger Things 3: The Game invites you to dive into the supernatural universe of the famous show, pixelated version, in which you can embody a total of 12 characters, all taken from this third chapter of Stranger Things.

You will have the opportunity to relive moments of the season that you have certainly seen before, discover and carry out new quests, create interactions between characters and go on the hunt for secrets never before revealed. To successfully pull through and take on the upside down world, you can play as a couple or solo, but know that teamwork is the key. Stranger Things 3: The Game. It’s up to you to explore every corner of the town of Hawkins, solve the puzzles that will come your way and fight the horrible creatures that will show up in this particularly addictive game.

To start your adventure, whether in High Voltage Seduction: Love at Stake, Twelve Minutes Where Stranger Things 3: The Game, go to the platform at N red. On each title, it will redirect you to the application store of your smartphone. You will then need to download the game and connect to it using your Netflix credentials, knowing that as a subscriber you will have access to it at no additional cost – and even without advertising!

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3 video games to (re)discover on Netflix