5 actors who could be Batman

Actors who could be Batman

James Gunn and Peter Safran they have taken control of DC Studios and are going to do a reboot sooner rather than later. So it’s time to say goodbye to actors we’ve seen playing our favorite characters for many years, and start thinking about others. actors who could be Batman, in this case. Here we are going to give you a list of actors that we consider could give a lot of play in the role.

These are some actors who could be Batman

Jensen Ackles

This actor is known for his long career in the series Supernaturalbut he is no stranger to the world of superheroes, as we have seen him play Solider Boy in Season 3 of The Boys. But why do we think he could be Batman? Well, because he already has been, not in life action of course, but in animation, since Jensen Ackles has given the voice of Bruce Wayne in the two films of Batman: The Long Halloweenand of course, it has lived up to it.

Although it is true that his age (44 years) would be a factor that would go against him to play the role if the new directors of DC Studios are looking to start the new universe with younger versions of the characters.

Richard Madden

actors who could be Batman

Someone we’ve already seen also involved in the world of superheroes is Richard Madden. The actor who played ikari in the movie Eternals Marvel’s, could get to give the profile that requires to be the crusader of the cape. This actor has already proven to be very versatile on screen as we met him as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones but we have also seen him in movies like Rocket man either 1917 and we think that his appearance in the Batman suit could be very good.

kit harington

actors who could be Batman

If we continue with actors from Game of Thrones who have ended up at Marvel, we can talk about Kit Harington, who, like Madden, made his debut in the franchise in the film Eternals with the character of Dane Whitman and we will see him soon in the film of Blade already surely as Black Knight. This character can resemble Batman in some small ways, and when it comes to being serious, Harington does it wonderfully. Maybe it wouldn’t be so strange to see him with the bat cape flying through the skies of Gotham.

Nicholas Hoult

actors who could be Batman

Continuing with the world of superheroes, but moving away from Eternalsalthough staying in Marvel really, we could highlight Nicholas Hoult, whom we have already seen play Beast in the FOX X-Men movies. The fact is that this actor began to be a little better known when he was in the series Skinsand currently, she is the protagonist of her own title series The Great.

The fact is that in recent years we have been able to see him in very different projects such as Tolkien, The Current War, Those Who Want Me Dead, and The Menu. So we think this actor is versatile enough to be able to play the caped crusader.

Matthew Daddario

actors who could be Batman

We are going to close the list with her youngest actor, Matthew Daddario. If Peter Safran and James Gunn really want to start the new DC with young actors, Matthew would be ideal for the role, not only because of his age, but also because the actor would bring his fan base formed as a result of his role to DC. in shadowhuntersseries which has made it nominated and winner of several awards.

After this series, he has been seen in different projects since then, such as the movies Trust, Wild Game, Into the Deep or the series Why Women Kill. For all these products where he has played different roles, we thought that perhaps he could play a young Bruce Wayne, among the possible actors that could be Batman.

Now tell us, reader. What do you think? Do you think these actors could be Batman? we will read you for Twitter and don’t forget to follow us here on super fiction to find out more news

5 actors who could be Batman