5 car video games that you cannot miss in 2023

Original text by Mike Channell

There is nothing like the beginning of a new year. You set new resolutions, take stock of everything and, most importantly: you have 12 months to salivate again. car video games. 2023 will see the return of two franchises that have been dormant for a while, a rival to Mario Kart, and much more. So here they go 5 car video games that you cannot miss in 2023.


wrecreation, sequel to Dangerous Driving, itself the spiritual successor to the old Burnout, is less about the part where you go too fast and more about the part where you stop suddenly. And, of course, in a shower of metal, sparks, and shattered glass.

The big addition here is a 400 square km map called Sledgehammer County, in which you can place obstacles and build your own tracks. As you progress, you’ll unlock more wacky obstacles to introduce, like moving windmills and giant cows. Isn’t that what Gran Turismo offers you?

Forza Motorsport

While Forza Horizon has been turning heads around the globe for the past five years, this Forza Motorsport rework is the result of half a decade of silent work. As you’d expect from a Forza, our first glimpses of the game have been visually spectacular, with cars that appear to be modeled with atomic-level precision.

After a Forza Motorsport 7 Solid but uncomplicated, we’re ready for the triumphant return of the only sim with the resources to compete with Gran Turismo. Well, until Elon Musk decides to start a game development studio for fun, which wouldn’t be unreasonable either…

Disney Speedstorm

The Disney’s response to Mario Kart Probe from the megacorporation’s extensive library of characters. If there’s anyone who has a fighting chance with Nintendo, it’s the world’s most famous mouse company. So if you ever wanted to see Jack Sparrow fire a missile at Baloo from The Jungle Book from a car, now is your chance.

Everything has a surprisingly serious aesthetic for a child’s game, with muted colors splashed with neon, so that we won’t feel so embarrassed to be caught playing it. Also, to add to that temptation, the game will be completely free to play, although there may be additional content and paid customization options.

Pacific Drive

As you may have guessed from the creepy lighting and complete absence of annoying billboards, Pacific Drive it is not a racing game. Instead, it’s a survival horror game that has you customize and drive a family car through a surreal and otherworldly Pacific Northwest, leaving the safety of your vehicle alone when necessary.

Your base of operations is an abandoned garage inside what is known as the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Also, every time you go out in the car, the world and the layout of the road are slightly different. An interesting idea, right?

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Who does not know God… The Forza Horizon may now be the reference among open world racing video games, but before him it existed Test Drive Unlimited, which offered the same emotions and could even go further. It offered a huge open world, online multiplayer, and the chance to lounge around in supercars like you’d just sold a Silicon Valley company.

The first installment placed you in Hawaii and the second added the possibility of driving around Ibiza. However, 12 years have passed since the latter… Of course, in 2023 this saga returns, with a title developed by the people responsible for the official video games of the WRC and set in Hong Kong Island and the roads that surround it.

Your goal, beyond amassing more supercars than your average sheikh, is to compete in races and events to win the Solar Crown title. Without a doubt, we are looking forward to getting our hands on this installment…

5 car video games that you cannot miss in 2023