6 series that lead Netflix’s top 10 worldwide

The series that everyone is watching this last week on Netflix.

In Infobae We know you don’t want to miss any updates from the streaming giant regarding their weekly rankings. Therefore, for this occasion we bring you up to date on the series that are sweeping the platform in recent days. Intrigue, romance, drama and comedy are the preferred genres for Netflix subscribers between October 31 and November 6. Get to know the related productions below:

Manifest -T4

Between pain and misfortune, the Stone family and the passengers of Flight 828 search for the true meaning of their calls among disturbing signs. The fourth season of the drama series, intrigue and supernatural themes, is available from November 4. Title that ranks first in the English-speaking category.

On November 4, 2022, season 4 of the series premieres.

From inside

English miniseries developed in two countries: on the one hand in England where Harry, a vicar takes Janice -the math teacher- to his house where he teaches Ben, his teenage son. And on the other, Jefferson Grieff, a death row inmate (Stanley Tucci) who is consulted by many people in power for his detective ability to solve cases from his own cell. Available from October 31.

A death row prisoner in the United States and a woman trapped in a cellar under an English vicarage cross paths in the most unexpected way.

Right from the start

Romantic drama that tells the life of Amy (Zoe Saldaña), a girl who travels to Italy to take a course on art. Her arrival in this country will mean a before and after for her since she will meet the love of her life, Lino, a Sicilian chef. Both will transit the purest love within the tragedy. Available from October 21.

Torn between her dreams and her father’s expectations, Amy arrives in Italy for an art program. There, she meets a charming chef who gives her a new perspective on life.

Till money do us part

“Alejandra Maldonado and Rafael Méndez come from opposite worlds and star in an unconventional romance. A car accident marks their destinies and, from that day on, their lives are not the same. The shock, of great proportions, leaves a millionaire debt that leads them to a contract that binds them and puts them to the test, forming a relationship of love and hate that grows more every day”; it reads in its synopsis. It leads the list of non-English speaking series.

A new version of the Colombian telenovela written by Fernando Gaitán.

Dubai Bling-T1

From the private jet to the highest social circle in Dubai: opulent parties, breathtaking panoramas and mind-blowing fashion are the norm. The glamorous life of a group of millionaires in Dubai. Their everyday life against the backdrop of luxury cars, fashion shows and exotic seaside resorts are the main settings of this series. Available from October 27. Title #2 in the Top 10.

"Dubai Bling" in its season 1 it consists of 8 episodes. (Netflix)
“Dubai Bling” in its season 1 consists of 8 episodes. (Netflix)

Young Highnesses -T2

The story centers on the fictional Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and his budding gay romance with a schoolmate, Simon Eriksson. The fiction began with the young monarch at the Hillerska boarding school and at the end of the episodes he had to decide between the crown and her new love. Second season available from November 1. Title #3 among the most viewed series.

The series will continue to tell the story of Prince Wilhelm after the video of him having an affair with a young man who attends the same school is leaked.

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6 series that lead Netflix’s top 10 worldwide