6 things that scare away Pisces

We warned you by detailing you what to expect if you date a Pisces, and it didn’t cool you down? If your current crush is of the finned sign, born between February 19 and March 20, here is more information. Since there’s no point preparing to swim with a Pisces without having a list of their love killers, you’d better take notes. Of course, these anti-advice can perfectly serve as a to-do list if you can’t manage to drop your Pisces and wish to make him carry this burden. No one will judge us. Certainly not us.

1. Being too down-to-earth

You didn’t know yet that the Pisces were among the most dreamy signs? You had to find out, one way or another. So as long as it’s not by correcting the trajectory of their steering wheel while they think about their favorite cloud shape. Last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is one of the mutable signs: those who act as a transition between two seasons. And in the cosmic poiscaille, this translates mainly into its ability to always have one foot above the ground, outside of all reality. Follow your Pisces of choice in his reveries, his lyrical flights and his compositions of poems at three o’clock in the morning: they are the ones who will follow you. Make them understand that they are cranks or that they will always have their heads in the clouds for you, and the harder the fall will be.

2. Lacking empathy

It’s not just an astral rumor: the sign of Pisces is definitely one of the nicest astrological signs of the zodiac. Better (or worse, it all depends on the point of view), their extraordinary sensitivity allows them to put themselves in the place of others as easily as if they were putting on their sneakers. Pisces love everyone. Yes, tapirs and spiders too. In their eyes, you are only a good person if you are at least 60% gaga in front of their pet. Be a little less good at sensing other people’s emotions, and that’s it. Forget crying in front of “Titanic”, your Pisces will no longer answer for anything. Squash a mosquito in front of him and that’s it.

3. Not being (enough) romantic

And when we say “romantic,” we’re not talking about Libra’s love of any Jane Austen-inspired work, or Scorpio’s all-consuming passion for Morticia Addams-style gothic romanticism. With Pisces, romanticism is expressed in its purest form, and, dare we say it: the most cutesy. Every day, they swim like Pisces in rose water and will never taste a chocolate that has not been offered to them in a heart-shaped box. Fed up with fairy tales or not, Pisces have a poetic soul and are the type to declare their love for you at the slightest rain. Even at a gas station. If that’s not your thing and, like Aquarius, you have a much more modern or even downright non-conformist vision of love: it breaks.

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4. Appointments at fixed times

Head in the air, head elsewhere, in the clouds or in the stars… The French language does not lack expression to qualify the fact of being distracted. However, we assure you that it would take much more to illustrate how Pisces are often off the mark. This is as much a flaw as a quality, since when they don’t put themselves in dangerous situations, Pisces use their ability to disconnect to prove to be as creative as they are compassionate. So yes, they are part of astrological signs that always arrive late. They don’t take any pride in it, but they don’t like having fixed hours imposed on them either. You will understand, be flexible in terms of schedules and it’s won. Make them understand that for you, punctuality is sacred, and they will magically evaporate.

5. Resentful Temper

You can search among the most resentful zodiac signs of the celestial vault, you will not find Pisces there. Forgiveness is in their cosmic DNA. Why ? Simply because as the last sign of the zodiac, the sign of Pisces symbolizes moving on. Full of love for their neighbour, overflowing with abnegation and devotion, Pisces can, of course, seem a little too focused on the gift of self not to pass for a martyr. Yet ultra understanding, he does not conceive that we are not as willing as him to forgive. This is why the slightest hint of resentment on your part will certainly scare him away.

6. Believe in nothing

Skeptical like Capricorn or just believing what you see like Virgo? You may find it difficult to meet the spiritual needs of Pisces. Often seen as a mystical sign, it is associated with the supernatural, the occult and more broadly with spirituality and religion. His planet, Neptune, is that of what is without borders, blurry, opaque: and since we can’t see anything, it is therefore a question of believing in it in order to move forward. This is the philosophy of Pisces, which joins on this point, that of his friend Sagittarius. Pisces won’t ask you to convert to anything, or start drawing cards overnight: but your acceptance of their beliefs is essential to them. He fully accepts you as you are. Don’t reciprocate, and you’ll never keep a Pisces in your net.

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