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Batman/Spawn #1 reveals that a certain location in Gotham may hold a supernatural secret that explains why the city is so corrupt.

A location in Gotham might finally provide answers as to why Batman’s beloved city is so awash in evil. Batman/Spawn #1 reveals that an iconic area of ​​Gotham has a dark secret that helps explain the terrifying curse Gotham seems to suffer from.

Even before Bruce Wayne took on the role of Dark Knight, Gotham was gripped by forces that allowed evil and crime to thrive. Ever since the city’s founding, Gotham had been plagued by organized crime, random violence, and even devil worship. Although things have improved a bit for the city with Batman’s debut, the evil that plagues Gotham has never gone away. Instead, he’s turned into an army of twisted villains bent on either controlling the city or destroying it completely. Bruce continues the good fight, but it seems the malignant forces lurking in the shadows are only getting stronger with time.

But there may be a good reason why Gotham is so steeped in evil, and one location may hold the key. In Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo’s Batman/Spawn #1, the shadowy Court of Owls organization manipulated Spawn into going after their most hated enemy, Batman. Unfortunately for them, the two vigilantes realize that the Court is after something much bigger and team up to stop them. The Court releases a Talon to hunt down and kill the two men. But Batman and Spawn are ahead of the game and planning an attack on Arkham Asylum. The Talon is baited and the duo begin their coordinated attack. However, it is revealed via narration that Arkham Asylum has a dark secret: the facility is actually built on a Dead Zone, something Spawn has encountered frequently before.

What the Dead Zones Mean for Gotham and Batman

Fans may recall that Dead Zones are a staple of Spawn comics and essentially act as gateways between heaven, hell, and earth. This allows all sorts of demons and other supernatural monsters to easily cross the realms, though Spawn has taken it upon himself to seal off the dead zones. Yet such a thing in Gotham puts its evil nature in a whole new light, knowing that at one point it actually contained a portal to Hell itself.

Gotham has been described as “cursed” in the past, largely due to its pervasive criminal element and association with the dark god Barbatos. But the idea that Gotham is home to a dead zone really explains why Gotham has struggled to become anything like a normal city. For all the good Batman does, Gotham has probably been infected by demons for centuries, probably to the point where the evils of hell are completely the fabric of Gotham. Fans can judge for themselves what a dead zone means for Gotham by reading Batman/Spawn #1 on sale now.

A Batman Location Has A Dark Secret That Explains Gotham’s Curse | Pretty Reel