A final duel of photographers at the Saint

Duel. They are amateurs and yet the level is high! Our series of duels ends with Mélina and Cookizz. The rules ? Three themes: light(s), portrait and free proposal. Everything is allowed, except the drone. It’s up to you to decide between them!

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After two very successful first duels, our series ends with a final “confrontation”, this time between Mélina and Cookizz. Two different styles to address the three themes chosen from the beginning: the light(s), the portrait and the free proposal. The playing field remains unchanged with the Saint-Romain fair. To decide between them, it happens on our Instagram account (@paris_normandie). So don’t hesitate to vote for your favourites!

Melina (@melinalcorre)


Theme Light(s)
Theme Light(s) – Photo Mélina Le Corre

“It’s while strolling through the aisles of the fair, in the afternoon, that one can linger over the decor that surrounds it. The decor and the neon lights contrast with the industries in the background and the weather. »


melina portrait

“Brenda is radiant at her stand, despite the few visitors during the day, she remains smiling. She is unmistakable. I couldn’t not photograph her with her sparkling eyes. This Norman has been in love with her job for years, and it shows. »

Free proposal

Free proposal - Mélina
Free proposal – Mélina – Photo Mélina Le Corre

“He immediately caught my eye. This teddy in the distance, all alone in his little car, waiting for a child to finally hug him. He seemed very sad in the middle of all these colored lights. »

Cookizz (@CooKizz)


Theme Light(s) - Cookizz
Theme Light(s) – Cookizz – Photo Cookizz

“The movement of the carousels of the fair, with all their colors, offers an almost magical spectacle, whether we are young or old. There is something hypnotizing in these perpetual movements and these dances of lights. »


cookizz portrait

“Beyond the “strong emotions” offered by the rides, the fair is also a place of exchange and conviviality where people meet to spend time together. »

Free proposal

Free proposal - Cookizz
Free proposal – Cookizz – Photo Cookizz

“For this theme, I let myself explore reflections. I really like this “parallel world” side with these superimpositions of people, of lights. There is something almost supernatural in the rendering. »

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A final duel of photographers at the Saint-Romain fair, vote to decide between them!