A miracle from Brescia’s chronicles

A veritable miracle had taken place at number 325 in via Chiusure in Brescia.

A happy event then taken over, for a lasting memory, by the edition of the “Giornale di Brescia” of Saturday 12 May 1951. A woman, who had been ill for some time, was healed of the disease that gripped her in bed, finding herself healed after having recited the characteristic devotional prayer addressed to the “Madonna of Pompeii”. The invocation had been uttered by her interested party by listening to and repeating the text broadcast on the radio. The healing seems to have been sudden and sudden, as to immediately assume the contours of a miracle, both for her eradicated infirmity, as well as for the singular temporal consequentiality, which elapsed between the praying versification and the proven onset of a prodigious astonishing physical efficacy.

The title of the article, written by an unknown journalist, created a tripartite division of columns between the news highlighted on the page of the then “Brescia chronicles”, leaving little room for doubt, in asserting the striking fact similarly to what was also found relating to the information conjugating the undisputed certainty instead of interesting other established events that were proportionate to the most disparate topics.

In the wake of a supernatural effect that had aroused a considerable echo of amazement among the astonished contemporaries lost in the consequent controversial considerations, the local newspaper forwarded the reading of the singular event by writing “Paralyzed for a thousand days, she leaves her bed and walks. Listening to the plea to Our Lady of Pompeii on the radio, Caterina Ussoli, shaken by new vitality, suddenly felt healed”.

The Brescian Gospel, modeled according to a real local story emerging from the widespread dying essentiality around the slim waist after the Second World War, seems to have evoked a curious likelihood with the emblematic episodes of the healings immortalized by the Gospel, in relation to which it seems that the newspaper mentioned is brought back, recognizing in the well-known miracle of the “paralytic”, the dynamic similar to the chronicle that occurred through the astonishing Marian revelation, aligned with an analogous messianic thaumaturgic imprint.

The Messiah of the many miracles reported by the four evangelists seemed to have visited one of the major suburbs of the city, in that narrow peripheral belt around Brescia, where a woman confined to bed, due to a paralyzing disease, had regained her unexpected health and exultation of a reinvigorated outlook on life.

This was also confirmed by the doctor of the interested party, dr. Zuccheri who, having visited it only the week before on the date of the miracle, seems to have drawn the conclusions summarized in nothing to do.

The healing had visited the forty-three year old Caterina Ussoli, removing the veil of the infirmity that was distressing her, manifesting itself on May 8, the day of the feast dedicated to the “Our Lady of Pompeii”, venerated in the pontifical sanctuary of the homonymous locality in southern Italy, and providentially reaching the end of a painful journey of serious health problems that had begun fourteen years earlier with a series of surgeries, for ulcers, liver stones, appendicitis, passing through a subsequent operation on the pelvis to which was also added, in March 1949, a paralysis of the right leg and the last two vertebrae.

To the woman who during her life had become a mother seven times, but who in the last years of the intervening and stratified juncture of suffering, could console herself in the family affections ascribed to a single surviving son and her husband Giuseppe Zucca, a bricklayer, it seemed that as soon as that way, revolted through a glimmer of universality, to have the measure of her difficult daily life consecrated to holy patience, also through the moral support offered by listening to the radio: “from the radio the news, the music, the conversations, the summary of what was happening in the world. Next to the loudspeaker, devoted listening to the festive mass. Last Tuesday 8 May, at 11.50, Caterina Ussoli was listening, while the supplication to Our Lady of Pompeii was broadcast”.

From those words, still in vogue in the tradition addressed to the cult consecrated to this Marian reality, passed the beneficial notes forerunners of the rediscovered health for the one who, after hearing them, was able to pass from the precarious immobilized conditions of an insensitive lower limb to “a casual balance , with normality that can be said to be absolute”.

Her experience was reported between the lines of the cited article, according to the salient details and the comforting accents of an inseparable manifestation of that same faith which for the woman, as well as comfort was also reputed to have been the propitious link for her recovery: “The sick woman in via Chiusure says she felt pervaded by an irrepressible surge of faith and trust in her chances of recovery. She explicitly states that she felt the overwhelming urge to leave the bed, since her leg which had been numb for over two years had regained its ability to move. Weeping, in the throes of an unspeakable disturbance, to the moved amazement of her loved ones, Caterina Ussoli began to take her first steps. She has been walking ever since”.

The news complete with photos, signed “Allegri”, was also placed on the page in the edition of the “Giornale di Brescia” of Sunday 13 May 1951, a day also dedicated to a party in honor of the Madonna, being the anniversary of the apparition of Fatima, summarized in an image and in a brief caption which once again reaffirmed the miracle and the evocation to prayer, written by Blessed Bartolo Longo in 1883, expressed in formula of SUPPLICATION TO THE OUR LADY OF POMPEIIto be recited on May 8 and the first Sunday of October at noon:

I. – O Augusta Queen of victories, O sovereign Virgin of Paradise, at whose powerful name the heavens rejoice and the abysses tremble in terror, O Glorious Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, all of us, your happy children, whom your goodness has chosen in this century to build you a temple in Pompeii, here prostrate at your feet, on this most solemn day of the feast of your new triumphs over the land of idols and demons, we pour out the affections of our hearts with tears, and with the confidence of children we expose our miseries to you.
Ah! from that throne of clemency where you sit Queen, turn, O Mary, your pitiful gaze towards us, on all our families, on Italy, on Europe, on the whole Church; and take pity on the troubles into which we go and the travails that embitter our lives. See, O Mother, how many dangers in soul and body surround them: how many calamities and afflictions force them! O Mother, hold back the arm of justice of your indignant Son and win the hearts of sinners with clemency: they are also our brothers and your children, who cost sweet Jesus blood, and knife wounds to your most sensitive Heart. Today show yourselves to everyone who you are, Queen of peace and forgiveness.
Hail Mary…
II. – It is true, it is true that we first, although your children, with our sins return to crucify Jesus in our hearts, and we pierce your Heart anew. Yes, we confess, we deserve the harshest scourges. But you remember that on the summit of Golgotha ​​you collected the last drops of that divine blood and the last testament of the dying Redeemer. And that testament of a God, sealed with the blood of a Man-God, declared you our Mother, Mother of sinners. You, therefore, as our Mother, are our Advocate, our Hope. And we moaning stretch out our imploring hands to you, crying out: Mercy!
Have mercy on you, good Mother, have mercy on us, on our souls, on our families, on our relatives, on our friends, on our extinct brothers and sisters, and above all on our enemies, and on so many who call themselves Christians, and yet tear apart the lovable Heart of your Son. Have mercy, oh! mercy today we implore for the nations that have gone astray, for all of Europe, for the whole world, that you return repentant to your heart. Mercy for all, O Mother of Mercy.
Hail Mary…
III. – What does it cost you, O Mary, to hear us? What does it cost you to save us? Has not Jesus placed in your hands all the treasures of his graces and of his mercies? You sit crowned Queen at the right hand of your Son, surrounded by immortal glory above all the choirs of Angels. You extend your dominion as far as the heavens are extended, and the earth and all the creatures that live in it are subject to you. Your dominion extends up to hell, and you alone snatch us from the hands of Satan, oh Mary.
You are the Almighty by grace. So you can save us. If you say you don’t want to help us, because we are ungrateful and undeserving children of your protection, at least tell us to whom else do we ever have to turn to be freed from so many scourges.
Oh no! Your Motherly Heart will not suffer from seeing us, your children, lost. The Child that we see on your knees, and the mystical crown that we aim at in your hand, inspire us with confidence that we will be heard. And we fully trust in you, we throw ourselves at your feet, we abandon ourselves like weak children in the arms of the most tender of mothers, and today, yes, today, we await the longed-for graces from you.
Hail Mary…
We ask for Mary’s blessing.
We now ask you for one last grace, O Queen, which you cannot deny us on this most solemn day. Grant all of us your constant love, and in a special way your motherly blessing. No, we will not get off your feet, we will not leave your knees, until you have blessed us.
Bless, O Mary, at this moment, the Supreme Pontiff. To the pristine laurels of your Crown, to the ancient triumphs of your Rosary, by which you are called Queen of victories, deh! add this again, O Mother: grant triumph to Religion and peace to human society.
Bless our Bishop, the Priests and especially all those who are zealous for the honor of your Shrine.
Lastly, bless all the Associates of your new Temple of Pompeii, and all those who cultivate and promote devotion to your Holy Rosary.
O Blessed Rosary of Mary; Sweet chain that binds us to God; Bond of love that unites us to the Angels; Tower of salvation in the assaults of hell; Safe harbor in the common shipwreck, we will never leave you again. You will be there comfort in the hour of agony; to you the last kiss of the life that goes out. And the last accent of the pale lips will be your sweet name, Queen of the Rosary of the Pompeii Valley, or our dear Mother, or only Refuge of sinners, or sovereign Consoler of the mesti. Be blessed everywhere, today and always, on earth and in heaven. So be it

A miracle from Brescia’s chronicles – Popolis