Actor Julian Sands, star of the film ‘A Room with a View’, disappears

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british actor Julian Sandsamateur mountaineer and protagonist of films such as ‘A room with a view’ (1985) and ‘Warlock the witcher’ (1989), has disappeared in the mountains of southern California, according to several media outlets published this Wednesday, which in turn collected statements from local authorities. Film producer Cassian Elwes, a friend of Julian Sands, confirmed on Twitter that he learned of such news on Friday, the same day he disappeared: «I am broken. A very close family friend who was an adventurer in everything he did. I have prayed a lot.” Other colleagues in the profession have reacted to the tweet, such as the actor Rufus Sewell, whose wish is that he is well.

It was the wife of the 65-year-old interpreter, Evgenia Citkowitz (his second wife of 23 years and with whom he has 2 children; he met her thanks to his best friend John Malkovich), who reported the disappearance of Julian Sands last Friday, January 13, in the afternoon after he went for a walk in the Sierra de San Gabriel, as reported on local Los Angeles television and the magazine specialized in Hollywood

. The actor has recounted on multiple occasions his escapades to the Alps and the Andes.

“From what I understand, he went for a walk at some point during the day and when he did not return, his family reported him missing,” said the spokeswoman for the San Bernardino (California) Police Department.

After the disappearance of the British actor was reported, several search teams went out to the mountain; however, the search had to be interrupted 24 hours later due to the risk of an avalanche and poor road conditions. Yes, the search by helicopter and drone has continued. Once the weather improves, the land search will resume.

Julian Sands It got lost in an area called The Baldy Bowl, 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles, just below the ski area. The place where the actor has disappeared is one of the favorite destinations for skiers, climbers and hikers.

Born in England, Julian Sands moved to California in the 1980s to pursue a Hollywood film career after successfully starring opposite Helena Bonham Carter in the romantic period film ‘A room with a view’, adaptation of the EM Forster novel by James Ivory. It was arriving and kissing the saint, since he had barely made a movie (he made his debut as a sailor in the curious military comedy ‘Privates on Parade’ in 1983). Sands might even have been one of the leads in ‘Interview with the vampire (1994), since it was the favorite of the writer Anne Rice to be Lestat; however, that role ultimately fell to Tom Cruise. Two years earlier he was able to star in ‘Diary of a Vampire’.

Julian Sands starred in the 1989 film "Warlock"
Julian Sands starred in the 1989 film ‘Warlock’ – abc
Elsa Pataky and Julian Sands in 'Romasanta'
Elsa Pataky and Julian Sands in ‘Romasanta’ – abc

Julian Sands He also played the son of Satan in the supernatural thriller ‘Warlock the witcher’ (1989) and its sequel, ‘Warlock, Final Apocalypse’ (1993). He also appears in other feature films such as ‘Los gritos del silencio’ (1984), ‘Arachnophobia’ (1990) and ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ (1995). He even worked in Spain: Paco Plaza directed the Briton in ‘Romasanta: La caza de la bestia’, a film in which he starred alongside Elsa Pataky.

Among his latest film works is
, where he had a small role as a doctor. Beyond the big screen, Sands turned to television to continue working. The fact that he was the protagonist of ‘A room with a view’ was given roles with a very short journey (just one or two episodes) in series such as ‘Elementary’, ‘The Blacklist’, ‘Gotham’ and ‘Dexter’. The series where he stayed the longest was in ’24’ as a villain in the fifth season.

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Actor Julian Sands, star of the film ‘A Room with a View’, disappears