All about ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’, the new anthology series coming to AMC+. Includes review of each episode

AMC+ has announced that the next Thursday September 22 will premiere ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’the long-awaited anthology series set in the zombie universe of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore Y Frank Darabont.

The new installment of the growing universe of ‘The Walking Dead’ consists of six independent one-hour episodes centered on different characters, both new and recurringfrom the world of the original series.

Each episode has its own tone and point of viewbut the stakes in each story are very high, pushing new and indelible characters with ruthless decisions and life-threatening situations. We have the opportunity to see the apocalypse with different eyesuncovering more worlds, myths and mysteries of The Walking Dead.

The series stars Anthony Edwards, Samantha Morton, Olivia Munn, Daniella Pineda, Embeth Davidtz, Jessie T. Usher, Danny Ramirez, Parker Posey, Terry Crews, Jillian Bell, Poppy Liu, Matt Medrano Y William J Simmonsamong others.

don’t miss below all the information about the episodesin addition to a criticism of each:

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Evie / Joe – Premiere Thursday, September 22

Directed by: Ron Underwood.

Written by: Maya Goldsmith & Ben Sokolowski.

Made by: Olivia Munn and Terry Crews.

Synopsis: Road trip story of a lonely ‘prepper’ who leaves his bunker in search of a woman from his past. Along the way, he meets someone who is the polar opposite of him, but they join forces with him to find his lost loved ones.

This first episode reminds us that, in the worst of adversity, there are always good things and people that are worth it… and also the opposite. With a Terry Crews that fluctuates between overacting and charisma and a Olivia Munn sympathetic, the chapter also shows us that, in this world, two different individuals can find enough in common to survive together.

It is an endearing and entertaining chapter which, in an almost Tarantine outburst, in turn leaves us with a radical twist that wickedly portrays how volatile illusion and trust can be.

Image Tales of the Walking Dead

Blair / Gina – Premiere Thursday, September 29

Directed by: Michael E. Satrazemis.

Written by: Kari Drake.

Made by: Parker Posey and Jillian Bell.

Synopsis: A disgruntled receptionist and her overbearing boss get trapped as the city of Atlanta collapses under the Apocalypse, forcing them to work together in order to escape the city.

The second episode places us before the disaster and offers us a curious perspective of it from the insurance sector. The truth is that it is always interesting to know more about the beginning of everything, But not this way.

Although it has a nice touch of black comedy, the episode uses an increasingly common format in the series, but they ask me not to give any details about it. It is a narrative resource that makes no sense in this universe, not even metaphorically or as a simple curiosity. Difficult to see and to believe despite some fantastic Parker Posey Y Jillian Bell.

Image Tales of the Walking Dead

Dee – Premiere Thursday, October 6

Directed by: Michael E. Satrazemis.

Written by: Channing Powell.

Made by: Samantha Morton.

Synopsis: A mother and her daughter escape the violence and take refuge in an old steamboat. The peaceful environment deteriorates after an event that forces the mother to review her violent past to protect her daughter.

The third episode sheds some more light on the main lore and explains a little above the origin of Alphaone of the villains who has divided the audience the most in ‘The Walking Dead’. Here we see what was the trigger that he made of Dee the evil one we know, as well as the beginnings of her complicated relationship with Lydia.

The chapter is yet another demonstration of the functioning of society in this type of post-apocalyptic world in which, no matter how much they try to impose, there are no longer any rules that are worth. He does not reinvent anything that we have already seen, but by itself maybe the best episode thanks to a disturbing Samantha Morton and his iconic character.

Image Tales of the Walking Dead

Amy / Dr. Everett – Premiere Thursday, October 13

Directed by: Haifaa Al-Mansour.

Written by: Ahmadu Garba.

Made by: Anthony Edwards and Poppy Liu.

Synopsis: Documentary about a naturalist who studies wayfarers and meets an energetic settler. A tense relationship is forged between the two as the settler tries to make the case for the people to reclaim some of the territory.

This fourth episode, which begins with an almost documentary view of the world, is the most complex and profound of this first installment. Yes, here we have one more couple with a dynamic that reminds too much of the sight in the first chapterbut in a certain way it also works as its counterpart.

However, with both protagonists situated at opposite extremes as far as the philosophy of life in this universe is concernedthe episode reminds us that nature can perfectly follow its course even if we are not. It is a continuous give and take that pits the one who has renounced humanity against the one who seeks to maintain it. And we already know that neither extreme is good, especially when it’s already too late.

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Davon – Premiere Thursday, October 20

Directed by: Michael E. Satrazemis.

Written by: Channing Powell.

Made by: Jessie T. Usher.

Synopsis: A strange young man suddenly wakes up in a dangerous foreign city with no memory of how he got there. He must piece together fragments of his broken mind to find out why the townspeople accuse him of murder.

The fifth episode brings to the franchise the psychological horror mixed with light touches of noir. It is a chapter that goes from here to there showing fragments of memories in a confusing development and a strange scenario. It is another of those communities that, taking advantage of the end of the world, they try to return to the roots living according to the standards of certain times.

It is one of the most risky episodes and definitely, the one that tries to print the most visual style on its images. It doesn’t work because brings into debate in very unsubtle ways issues such as racism, the death penalty and euthanasia. In the end it ends up being a kind of sermon with a predictable resolution.

Image Tales of the Walking Dead

La Doña – Premiere Thursday, October 27

Directed by: Deborah Kampmeier.

Written by: Lindsey Villarreal.

Made by: Daniella Pineda and Danny Ramirez.

Synopsis: A couple traumatized by the apocalypse lives haunted by a haunted house. Terrifying memories coupled with faith.

As a curious culmination, this sixth episode moves away from zombies to bring us… supernatural horror! And we are not going to deny them: plainly, the walkers of this world no longer scare neither the characters nor the spectators. Therefore, the writers have decided that mixing a kind of distorted version of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ with the codes ‘Warren expedient’ It was going to be a groundbreaking decision. Surely it worked much better written on paper.

And although he has good ideas, the episode gives the feeling of taking oneself too seriously. This, coupled with protagonists who speak broken Spanish and situations that are closer to involuntary parodythe truth is that they do not leave this season finale in a very good place.

Conclusions of Tales of The Walking Dead

After watching all the episodes, that bittersweet sensation of irregularity that it leaves behind is normal. After all, there are few anthology series that manage to maintain the same level throughout their installments. And it is also true thatThe Walking Dead’in his seasons in which he has divided his group of protagonists the most into pairs, you have already tried to talk about some of the topics you see hereespecially as regards build relationships and seek humanity in a world that is far from human.

I think the goal of ‘The Tales of The Walking Dead’ is to continue building its universe through the greatest normality possible within the same. That is, a world that allows people to be as they really are, for better and for worsebut also one where, despite the perceptible lack of humanity, civilization or social conventions to which we are accustomed, the same things keep happening even though it sometimes seems impossible or out of place.

It is a bit what both Dr. Everett and Amy preach in the second episode: This is no longer the world we know, so we must adapt without forgetting who we were beforealthough sometimes we have to. That is why here, between whirlwinds of feelings, zombie carnage and human betrayals, besides there is room for intrinsic elements of our civilization, as may be the case of science or justice. And why not? Also other aspects of popular culture such as science fiction or the supernatural.

By this I mean that the series He has very good ideas and enjoys a very interesting approach. Nevertheless, on many occasions the execution is not up to the relevance that perhaps the team of directors and screenwriters intends. It’s a shame, because much of the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ remains unexplored and recent attempts have not been entirely successful. Anyway, this is a fiction that The most fanatical of his universe will especially like it. Furthermore, it has the potential to dissect some of the less developed characters from the main series. Hopefully, in a hypothetical second season, they will be able to take advantage of it.

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All about ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’, the new anthology series coming to AMC+. Includes review of each episode