All the scents of the European Academy of Essences of Savigliano

On Friday 30 September, at 4.30 pm Múses-European Academy of Essences of Savigliano will present all the new teaching proposals designed for students from kindergarten to high school, during an Open Day dedicated to teachers and school managers.

Múses will inaugurate the month of October with the arrival of prestigious guests in the world of social channels: a team of Instagrammers will be guests of Palazzo Taffini on October 1st. The group will live the Múses experience and then their wonderful photos will be transformed into posts, stories and reels to tell the unexpected reality of Palazzo Taffini “as an insider”.

Then, every weekend, there will be plenty of opportunities to play with essences in a varied calendar that every weekend will offer different themed activities linked to the autumn calendar.

Finally, the seven essences conceived by Múses to evoke the seven characterizing elements of Italy (Art, History, Lifestyle, Nature, Taste, Innovation and Spirituality) will be the protagonists of the Savoy leg of Italy at hand, the professional incoming organized by the Convention Bureau , from 23 to 25 October in Turin. Ten important international buyers will know the tourist potential of Piedmont also through the essences that distinguish them and will live the Múses-off experiences, experimenting in the Turin capital all the suggestions that the European Academy of Essences can offer.


Múses will celebrate the Bread Festival with events dedicated to the essence of taste: a riot of aromas that evoke ancient flavors, sweet and lost memories, which embrace us with their fragrant, warm and enveloping scents. On the weekend of 1 and 2 October Múses will pamper you with workshops and ateliers dedicated to rediscovering all the essences that evoke taste, with a focus on the aromas of bread and pastry.

For the entire duration of the event, the Milanollo theater will host a special olfactory dedicated to the Essence of Taste, which the maître parfumeur of Múses has elaborated as a tribute to this extraordinary excellence of the Italian cultural and social heritage.

Inside the theater, the heart of Saviglianese culture, visitors will be able to discover an essence that awakens the first memories and brings us back to the well-being and warmth of childhood embraces, in which notes of vanilla follow those of nutmeg and sugar cane , balanced by the aromatic accords of rhubarb.

SUNDAY 2 OCTOBER, as a tribute to the Grandparents’ Festival and the Savigliano Bread Festival, Múses will propose an ATELIER OF THE GUARDIAN ANGELS. An opportunity to live with them or find in the memory those soft aromas of apple pies, balsamic candies and the pungent scent of toasted and buttered bread, the protagonist of many snacks. On the occasion of the Bread Festival and the Grandparents’ Day, Muses invites you to an unprecedented atelier dedicated to two equally special experiences: the complicity between grandparents and grandchildren and the pleasure of authentic and primary flavors, such as that of bread.

For each grandfather, a grandson participates for free!

In addition, at 3 pm, Mùses Kids presents the workshop for the little ones:


The bread has a scent that smells of simplicity, safety and development.

But where does bread come from? What are its ingredients and above all its scents?

Together with the little ones, we will follow a journey in stages on this pride of Made in Italy and we will create a nice themed souvenir to take home.

The calendar of thematic events of Múses will continue on SUNDAY 9 OCTOBER, at 2.30 pm, with the IL LANGUAGGIO SECRETO DEI FIORI Atelier. On the occasion of the World Post Day, Múses proposes an Atelier dedicated to discovering the symbolism hidden in flowers and described in the book Le language des Fleurs by Charlotte de Latour, which had a huge success when it was published in 1819, because it was a sort of vocabulary, which allowed to send coded messages.

During this Atelier we will be able to create a scented message to wear or send

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, however, is also the National Day of Families at the Museum and, at 3 pm, there will be the educational workshop DIVERSE, BUT EQUAL ESSENCES!, Designed specifically for this initiative, inspired by the 2022 theme of Fa.Mu. “Different, but the same”.

We will talk about different essences, but which together are enriched and create unsurpassed fragrances. A metaphor about today’s kids and sociability that will make the little participants reflect and have fun, each of whom will then create a nice scent on a personalized chalk.

SUNDAY 16 OCTOBER on the occasion of the European Day of Parents and School, Múses proposes the FAMILY ATELIER. What is the scent of joy and sharing? Sweet memories and complicity? Let’s try to recreate it in a fun laboratory to do all together.

SUNDAY 23 OCTOBER Múses, European Academy of Essences invites you to the PROFUMI IN ARTE atelier. For Kandinsky, music was a sort of obsession: the colors were perceived by him as a “chorus” to be fixed on the canvas. «In general, color is a means that allows you to exert a direct influence on the soul. Color is the key, the eye is the hammer, the soul is the piano with many strings ».

In this workshop the participants will analyze their favorite painting and its colors… and then translate them into an essence.

We could not miss SUNDAY 30 OCTOBER an Atelier dedicated to Halloween, which we have titled SMELL IN BLACK. It is said that certain spirits announce themselves by making strong aromas of violet and some other flower essences appear. Which essences recall the supernatural? Which ones help us connect with another non-corporeal and eternal dimension? All that remains is to come and try them!

All the scents of the European Academy of Essences of Savigliano – Piedmontese newspaper