AMB 001 Pro: the new motorcycle from Aston Martin and Brough Superior

Three years have passed since Aston Martin and Brough Superior announced to the world an exclusive collaboration to develop one of the most exclusive motorcycles on the current scene. And now both companies return to the fray to show a worthy sister to the well-known AMB 001. It is this AMB 001 Pro that It has been shown to the whole world at the EICIMA that has been held in the Italian city of Milan and can only be used within a circuit.

Inspired by the sensational Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Prothis supernatural AMB 001 Pro has been designed between the Gaydon’s company Y Upper Brough, the latter being responsible for its production. Well it will become a reality.

Takes inspiration from the wild Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

This sensational mount features an aggressive riding stance, pushing key aspects such as aerodynamics to the limit with the introduction of a unique spoiler at the front of the fairingside wings and a rear wing that, according to what they point out, helps to increase the aerodynamic load of this motorcycle, as well as improve air flow.

Another special detail of the latest creation between Aston Martin and Brough Superior is the decoration that shows off its minimalist fairing. This is painted in an exclusive color baptized as Verdant Jade and adorned with areas in Photon Lime.. In this sensational bike there are also countless parts in carbon fiber with a satin finish and the sublime and light emblem of the company of Gaydon. This is the so-called ‘lacewing’ that was recently developed to look on the Aston Martin Valkyriewhich is 99.4% lighter than the traditional emblem used to date by the British house.

Its two-cylinder engine provides 228 hp

Other elements such as the suspensions or the rear wheel fairing have finishes called Cerakote, since keep in mind that this decoration that you have before your eyes will be the only one that the British house offers for its sensational two-wheeled mount.

On a mechanical level, it should be noted that it is animated thanks to a twin-cylinder engine that has 997 cubic centimeters. This engine uses a crankcase machined from a piece of solid billet aluminum and has wet jackets that favor cooling. It provides an interesting 228 CV of power, which represents an increase of 25% if we compare it with the 182 CV that it provides in the AMB 001in addition to the fact that it must be taken into account that it barely weighs 175 kilos, offering a power-to-weight ratio of 0.76 kg/CV, a figure that brings it closer to the field of the Formula 1 single-seater or the most extreme Moto GP.

Only 88 pieces of this Aston Martin motorcycle will be manufactured

Aston Martin AMB 001 Pro Brough Superior. Rear studio image.

As you can imagine, the Aston Martin AMB 001 Pro is a limited edition motorcycle. To the point that only a total of 88 units are going to be assembled by hand at the factory that Brough Superior has in Toulouse., France. That is less than the 100 units that have been created of the AMB 001, which had a price of 120,000 euros… And you can bet what you want that it will be even more expensive.

Both companies are already taking orders for this sublime mount, whose first deliveries are scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2023.

AMB 001 Pro: the new motorcycle from Aston Martin and Brough Superior