An evening of dance in memory of Michela Noli at the Teatro Cantiere Florida

An evening to remember Michela Noli, a young Florentine woman killed in 2016 by her ex-husband, using the language most dear to her: dance. On Wednesday 23 November at 21.00 at the Teatro Cantiere Florida (via Pisana 111R, Florence) “La danza nel cuore” will be staged, a show organized by Versiliadanza as part of the World Day against Violence against Women. Performances by COB – Compagnia Opus Ballet, Meltin Pot Dance Collective and Danza Estemporada will follow one another on stage in homage to Michela, who would have liked to teach dance and who had carried out the study of the discipline together with some of the realities and leading artists of the ‘initiative.

On the program “The state of matter #ilmutaforme”, choreography by Livia Lepri, “Ototeman”, winning project of the Prospettiva Danza Teatro International Award with the artistic direction of Rosanna Brocanello, and an excerpt from “Travelers”, the work of the choreographer Lisa Brasile . The event is included in the review “Effetto Donna – Dialoghi Taciuti”, promoted by Versiliadanza and this year in its 3rd edition, and is part of the programming of “Filo Rosso”, the program of Quartiere 4 linked to the theme of violence against women (free admission during the evening it will be possible to make a donation to Artemisia Centro Antiviolenza, info:

“The state of matter #theshapeshifter” is the shape that changes, i.e. everything that occupies a space. The space that the material form occupies in our mind becomes thought. The aggregation of a multitude of thoughts, memories, evocations, like molecules, create a state of rarefaction that becomes palpable. Mutaforme becomes a game in which the movement thanks to the force expands creating molecules. These, through energy, pass from one state to another thus giving life to a succession of actions which, when they become impalpable stasis, create the essence of the same. Pages of rediscovered writings which, narrated, seem like gaseous states expanding in the mind ready to liquefy with a musical sound imprinted on the body and a video mapping that generate a game made of simple connections that become action.

The idea for the choreography of “Ototeman”, by and with Sofia Galvan and Stefania Menestrina, starts from the assumption that you don’t have one. This led the two interpreters to complete physical and conceptual freedom. During the creative process it was clear that having no presuppositions does not imply having no ideas: the dancers are bound by a common but extraneous state, balanced and uneven, continuous but intermittent, accurate and natural. A flow of movement that has led to the creation of changing images that appear and disappear exactly as they are born. Among these, the most inspiring was the figure of the totem, a natural or supernatural entity with a symbolic meaning, and the spirit-guide in this case is a light, ironic, accomplice and carefree version of the dancers themselves.

“Travellers” communicates an often real, sometimes imaginary journey, which touches countries, routes, visible and non-visible destinations. The dancers Laurent Minatchy, Rebecca Turini, Serena Vecci, Maria Filieri, Valentina Cipelli and Gabriel Ledda are travelers towards the other, elsewhere, beyond, different travelers who in the end understand that they are moving with the sole aim of finding fragments of themselves.

The “Effetto Donna – Dialoghi Taciuti” review, born in the face of a social emergency inherent in the resurgence of the phenomenon of violence against women, organizes performances every year in theatrical spaces, meetings, lessons-shows in schools to promote greater awareness of the topic. The project is supported by the Metropolitan City of Florence and Unipol SAI. The initiative will continue with “Intersections – Degenerate debate”, a show by and with Valentina Sechi and Alberto Gatti dedicated to students at the Porta Romana and Sesto Fiorentino Art Schools, followed by a meeting with the sociologist Raffaella Maiullo (November 24/25 at 11.00), and to follow with “Wonder-land”, a work produced by Versiliadanza inspired by the protagonists of the novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll which mixes dance, music and new technologies and will debut in Italian premiere in December at the Teatro Cantiere Florida, within the program dedicated to children (18/12 at 16.30 Florida dei bambini, 19-20/12 at 10.00 Keys to the City).

“Effetto Donna – Dialoghi Taciuti touches on the theme of female pain and gender issues – explains Angela Torriani Evangelisti, director of the Versiliadanza company – living for three editions in theatrical and non-theatrical spaces. Through the body, its energy, its strength, its intimacy and dignity, through the respect due to it, we try every year to bring a message to young and old. A message to always choose life and dialogue”.

Founded in 1993, Versiliadanza has resided permanently at the Teatro Cantiere Florida since 2012 and brings together artistic personalities to implement the diffusion of dance art through the production of shows, choreographic research with different styles and fields, the organization of events related to dance and contemporary art. Over the years the Company has hosted and collaborated with world-renowned artists such as Antonio Tabucchi, Susanne Linke, Urs Dietrich, Bob Wilson, Luciana Savignano, Paco Decina, Igor Mitoraj and structures such as the La Versiliana festival, the Andrej Tarkovskij International Institute, Fabbrica Europe, Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Bagnolet Seine Saint Denis, Small Theatre/NCA and the Italian Embassy in Yerevan (Armenia).

In the company’s proposal there is space for inclusive performances, created by skilled and non-skilled artists who work together within a multidisciplinary training and creative process aimed at developing a highly usable artistic language. The main objectives are training, audience development and the international mobility of artists and organizations, aims that are pursued through workshops, international laboratories, creative residencies and performances.

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An evening of dance in memory of Michela Noli at the Teatro Cantiere Florida