Analysis of The Winchesters. Season 1. Episode 4: Masters of War

Welcome to another review of The Winchestersthe prequel series to Supernatural in which we will discover the past of John and Mary Winchester. After the previous analysis in which we synthesized the first three episodes, we are going to enter the weekly routine with an episode focused on Carlos Cervantes. Why? Well, because he deserves it. I leave you the link to the previous analyzes and let’s get down to business.

aftermath of war

The episode takes place in a veterans hospital where some strange deaths take place. We already knew that John Winchester is a Vietnam veteran but what leaves us all stunned is that the great Carlos Cervantes is also one. Yes, the talkative monster hunter made the first steps of him as a sailor, even if he was forced. Or to Vietnam or to jail, something very common at the time.

Latifa thinks it could be a manticore and Mary a dragon, who usually go for virgins. Luckily Carlos is safe. John does not open his mouth so he gives us to wonder if he has premiered. The fact is that neither one thing nor the other. The enemy of the week is nothing less than a God, specifically a Celtiberian deity based on the Roman god Mars.

The most amazing thing is that it seems that they have invented it for the occasion but no. It turns out that there was a god Neto based on the Roman Mars. No wonder that god seeks out veterans tormented by the aftermath of war. The episode helps both John and Carlos settle a little with their past, and also with his mother in John’s case.

Carlos and John infiltrate the hospital like veterans, needing to air their traumas, which they do in a therapy session. We already knew that John needed him, but it is surprising to learn about Carlos’ experience in the jungle, surrounded by enemies of whom only the tip of his cigars can be seen.

Centuries of blood and anger

Something like this is what Neto tells John, that anger and violence run through his blood and that he is there to help him reach his full potential. And pay attention to detail because when the vessel that helps him maintain his immortality breaks and Neto releases the spear, it stops shining and it is when John picks it up that it seems to activate again.

Although the episode may seem inconsequential, perhaps they are laying the groundwork for John to face the Akrida on his own, as an avatar of more powerful beings. But I digress.

The episode of The Winchesters of this week also reveals the identity of the boy who accompanied Mary to the cinema at the end of the last episode. It is about a journalist named Kyle (Ryan McCartan) of which we do not know if it will have more significance in future episodes, which we do expect from Mary’s cousin. For now they have shown us her room and presumably in the future they will reveal to us what was hers.

the winchesters

As for the god Mars – Neto, it is not the first time that the gods appear in the franchise. In the mother series we already had a few, Loki being one of the best known. Even God, the Christian, the one of all life, became the ultimate enemy in the last season of Supernatural. Here we see how The Winchesters continue to make use of previously established situations and characters.

The highlight of the episode is that it helps us to get to know the character played by Jojo Fleites. What’s more, it even changes the concept we had of him, going from a weathervane hippy to a traumatized veteran, with a past on his back, who hides under a façade of frivolity. Not only us but also John Winchester ends up looking at Carlos with different eyes.

About The Winchesters

Since in the past analysis we had to leave things behind because if it didn’t take forever, it’s time to comment on the showrunner of The Winchesters. The parent series, Supernatural, was created by Erik Kripkewho is now busy with The Boys. For this prequel they have delegated Robby Thompsonwriter who was already in supernatural.

But Thompson has more jobs on his resume, such as having worked on the series The Cape either Human shield but also in marvel comicscreating the character of Lady Spider for the Spider-verse. Hopefully this series will cement him as a solo showrunner.

With this we finish. We’ll continue hunting monsters and working on the family business in the next review. Regards, be happy.


Analysis of The Winchesters. Season 1. Episode 4: Masters of War – The Things That Make Us Happy