Ray Spass (to be strictly read “Speis”, as “space”) is a thirty year old Hollywood screenwriter who in the past enjoyed some success but then ended up swept away in a whirlwind of alcohol, women and drugs. His agent offers him one last chance by getting him a contract to write the script for a horror science fiction film that should, at least in the author’s intentions, represent a sort of cross between Shining And Alien. As the protagonist of her story Spass chooses the figure of Max Nomax, a strange rebel hero of pulp fiction, born as a character in a surrealist parody and then landed even in the pages of an Italian psychedelic strip. Spass resurrects the character and decides to imprison him in Dis, an abandoned research station orbiting a black hole. Together with him, locked inside a cocoon that keeps her alive, is Olimpia, the woman Nomax killed and for whose murder he was sentenced to this imprisonment. While Spass tries to find among the wrecks of what has become his life the time and the way to continue in the writing of the screenplay, however, an unexpected thing happens. In fact, Max Nomax shows up at the writer’s house and shoots a bullet of data in his brain that contains his entire life story, and which doctors will misinterpret as an inoperable brain tumor. Far from being the simple fruit of Spass’s imagination, Max Nomax would therefore be a creature in flesh and blood from another dimension, who however needs Spass to be able to reconstruct the story of his life, while managing to escape the Annihilator, a creature sent to Earth on purpose to destroy it …

Grant Morrison is one of the most popular comic writers of recent years, known among other things for having contributed to the relaunch of very famous series such as the Justice League of America of DC Comics and the X-Men of Marvel. Annihilator is a six-episode series released in 2016 for Legendary Comics and now published by saldaPress in a single volume. Embellished with the drawings of Frazer Irving, the comic unfolds in an overlapping of temporal and narrative planes in which it is very easy to get lost. The ingredients that Morrison uses to build his story are so many: the classic figure of the successful young man who throws his fortune between sex and drugs to the wind and then gives life to a toxic relationship with a young woman who will no longer succeed. to forget, a mysterious house that is said to be haunted by ghosts, the presence of a supernatural divinity who rules the cosmos with his rigid laws and which causes the rebellion of the handsome and damned hero, in turn obsessed with remorse for killing the his love, the need to give meaning to existence and to find a way out in the face of death, a ruthless mysterious killer that nothing and no one can divert from his murderous mission … all in a parallelism between the earthly events of the writer and those sci-fi of the hero that generates a sort of game of crossed mirrors. All this material would perhaps have been enough to give life to an endless saga. Confined to the space of a single comic, it ends up representing a dish that is in some ways indigestible, which risks putting more than one reader to the test.

Annihilator – Pact with the devil