Archbishop Schneider: “The pontificate of Benedict XVI was worthwhile for the sole reason of having issued the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum”


The legacy of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI

With the death of Pope Benedict XVI, many Catholics felt that they had lost a clear and secure point of reference for their faith. One can have the feeling of orphaned children. We can say that Pope Benedict XVI was a Pope, who placed at the center of his personal life and the life of the Church the supernatural vision of the faith and the perennial validity of the Sacred Tradition of the Church, which constitutes the source and the pillar of our faith together with the Holy Scripture.

In this way the greatest and most beneficial act of his pontificate was the Motu Proprio summorum pontificum with the full restoration of the traditional Latin liturgy in all its expression: Holy Mass, sacraments and all other sacred rites. This pontifical act will go down in history as epochal. Pope Benedict XVI affirms that the traditional rite of the Holy Mass has never been abrogated and must always remain in the Church, because what was holy for our ancestors and the Saints must also be so for us and future generations. At a time, such as after the Second Vatican Council, where there was within the Church an almost general movement of radical rejection of the millennial liturgical rite of the Holy Mass and therefore breaking with the principle of Tradition itself, the pontificate of Benedict XVI was worth it for the sole reason of having issued the Motu Proprio summorum pontificumwith which the healing of the wound in the Body of the Church began, a wound caused by the attitude of rejection and hatred of the venerable and millennial rule of prayer of the Church.

In his spiritual testament, Pope Benedict XVI left us, among others, the following brief substantial sentence, which I consider the most important of all: Remain firm in the faith! Don’t be confused! In our days, in the life of the Church, we are witnessing a process of dilution of the Catholic faith and its adaptation to the spirit of heretics, unbelievers and apostates through the misleading and euphonious name of synodality and through the abuse of the institution. synod canonical. Such a situation is demoralizing for every true Catholic. Hence the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI that is expressed in the words: Stand firm in the faith! Don’t be confused! and in his historic Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum he continues to be a light, an encouragement and a consolation. This Pope was strong in faith, a true lover of the imperishable beauty and the firmness of the traditional rite of the Holy Mass, he gave primacy to prayer, to the supernatural gaze and to eternity. This legacy will overcome thanks to the intervention of Divine Providence, which never abandons his Church, the enormous current doctrinal confusion, the progressive apostasy, especially among a caste of worldly and incredulous theologians, who are the new scribes, and a progressive apostasy of not a few high-ranking clerics, who are the new Sadducees.

Pope Benedict XVI made his episcopal motto shine true collaborators, that is, collaborators of the truth. With this motto, he wants to say to every faithful Catholic, to every priest, to every bishop, to every cardinal and also to Pope Francis: what really counts is unwavering fidelity to Catholic truth, to the constant and venerable liturgical tradition of the Church and to the primacy of God and of eternity. May God accept the prayers and spiritual sufferings that Pope Benedict XVI offered in his retired life, and grant fully Catholic and fully Apostolic bishops and popes for the future of the Church. Because, as Saint Paul said: “We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth” (2 Cor. 13, 8).

+ Athanasius Schneider

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Archbishop Schneider: “The pontificate of Benedict XVI was worthwhile for the sole reason of having issued the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum”