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New dama on TF1 with “Open Heart Investigation” which brings together Claire Keim and Pierre François Martin Laval in a touching and gripping story.

What is Open Heart Investigation (formerly Renaissance) ? Following a heart transplant, Florence opens up to the painful identity questions of her adopted daughter, Zoé, discovering that her donor, Ana, was also an adopted child.. Determined with Simon, Ana’s father, to elucidate the reasons for her mysterious death, Florence hopes that understanding Ana’s tragic destiny will help her save her own daughter in the midst of a teenage crisis…

The essential

After Aim for the heart which has been renewed for a season 2Claire Keim will return December 8 in a new mini-series, open-heart investigationwhere she will find Pierre-François Martin Laval, Kevin Jansenss and the excellent Lynn Van Royen (discovered in Beautiful Stay). Under the guise of a police investigation, this mini-series portrays 3 women who seek to understand where they come from to better move forward in their new life. As in Aim for the heartthe narration here is less linear than usual to allow the spectators to move forward at the same pace as her heroine and thus maintain the tension until the end!

WE love

From the start, open-heart investigation plunges the viewer into a double-timeline narrative: Florence tries to find out more about her donor and thus goes backwards through the thread of her heartbreaking personal story, that of a young woman who has lost all her bearings, including more valuable. The narration, finely conducted (the series is written by Claire Lemaréchal and Franck Philippon), chooses to start from Ana’s accident and go back to the original trauma (much like did, but more tortuous, Memento). The series counts its number of false leads but each of them is always countered so as not to make it a thriller twist, but a key element of a drama, which acts as a revealer of the characters and not of the so-called plot. police” (investigating the death of a young woman). Even the final revelation is dispatched to focus only on what led to it and thus privilege the intimate story.

We also salute the very good casting operated on the series. Whether Claire Keim is clearly positioned as the lead of the series, the scenario is well balanced to favor all the characters. Pierre-Francois Martin Laval gives a modern image of father as we see too little in fiction, far from the usual clichés. He is attentive, protective, sensitive and his performance never fails to touch us. On the other side, the undeniable charisma and power of the game of Kevin Jansenss surprises us and it imposes itself as a driving force in the story. Finally, the discovery of the series or rather the “confirmation” is called Lynn Van Royen. Even if we had already seen it in other projects in the past, it alone gives all the emotion that runs through the 6 episodes. She is overwhelming in this role, also magnetic in her ability to capture the image, and finally fascinating in the way in which she takes charge of her destiny as a woman.

Finally, we like the visual style given to the series (thanks to the production of Franck Van Passel), the photography and its color changes inherent in the dreams of Florence. This incursion of a touch of the supernatural into the global drama also gives the series its very particular register, both chilling when the mystery is opaque at the start and tending towards a form of poetry when the truth begins to appear. open-heart investigation is thus fully in line with the series initiated by TF1 in recent months as Visions : series which, under cover of an obvious classicism (thriller), tell moving stories by taking the time to get up to the characters.

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We love less

We are much less convinced by the whole plot that touches on Florence’s daughter (played by JESSYRIELLE MASSENGO). Not only does it drag on a bit too long, but it ties in too “artificially” with the big plot. We have for once the impression that only the magic of the writing of the authors can allow its ends to come together when it should be the logic of a situation. Perhaps the series could have had 2 less episodes and thus benefit from a more “tense” narration.

Initially, the series was called ” rebirths » and corresponded better to what is said there, to the themes of the 6 episodes. open-heart investigation is undoubtedly a more “effective” title, but also more “rough” because it insists too much on this “investigation” part (and therefore thriller) while the series does not play so much on this register. rebirths had the merit of emphasizing this new life aspect more, including for Ana and despite the tragic fate that awaits her. The final scene between Lynn and Claire in episode 6 is a perfect demonstration!

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