Ask yourself these 4 questions about the priests you know!

A priest with thousands of followers on Twitter has admitted that he suffers from loneliness, and the writer Claudio de Castro considers it a disturbing element

It was 2018. The news spread quickly on Catholic information services, and then on the secular press.

Everyone was talking about it. It felt like one of those impossible things that are hard to believe. The kind you hope you never have to hear. But it was true.

It was necessary to assimilate it and look for its reasons, to know them to avoid it happening again.

In addition to being a very good and well-known writer and journalist, for 25 years he had been a Colombian priest of the community of heudist priestsfounded by St. John Eudes.

For me he was one of those extraordinary priests who stand out for their generosity, dedication and desire to lead souls to God.

Since he was a successful Catholic author with countless books published, I enjoyed following him, looked up to him as an example, and tried to learn from him.

I studied his impeccable technique and his ability to continue publishing books with perseverance.

He had and still has millions of followers on social networks, including me. Currently his account of Twitter, which he fills with uplifting messages and reflections, has 3.4 million followers. Impressive! And despite it all, he felt very alone.

I had never heard a revelation like this from a priest. It is true that I have received many emails from our readers discussing loneliness. It is a difficult subject, and I often meditate on it. But a priest? I could barely believe it.

With so many followers and admirers, how could he experience loneliness? He told a well-known radio station:

“My great tragedy has been the loneliness of recent times. Loneliness is an existential theme”.

Hidden solitude

I once read that the solitude of a priest is not beneficial. It’s hard to bear. It happened to the good Father Linero, whom I admired and admire a lot, praying for his well-being and his holiness.

This good priest was very dynamic, and spiritually animated his readers and listeners.

Inwardly, however, he was having a difficult time, with a lingering loneliness, and it seems that no one noticed it to help him carry on. How was that possible?

He always seemed happy, he preached full of enthusiasm. He reminded me of the adage that our grandparents used to repeat: “We see faces, we do not know hearts”.

Dear readers, you will surely ask me why I am touching this theme since a few years have passed, and the answer is very simple.


I have always had great admiration and affection for priests. I recognize them in their humanity, but also in the supernatural life that bears fruits of eternity, and I ask myself: “Right now, will there be any priest who feels alone?”

Faced with this reality, you cannot avoid asking yourself questions and reflecting:

  1. Do I care for and respect priests?
  2. Help as much as I can my pastor?
  3. Have I ever invited him to my home for lunch or dinner in a familiar setting where you show your appreciation?
  4. Have I ever worried about his well-being?

If you think about it, it’s creepy. It is something we must do urgently, without delay, for our priests. We owe it to them for the good they do to our soul.

And now tell me: what do you think we lay people can do for our priests? How can we help them overcome loneliness?

Pray before the Blessed Sacrament, and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you before answering.

Let’s take care of our priests

For my part, I will answer conscientiously after speaking with some priests, because they know this condition firsthand.

I hope to be able to write an article very soon with recommendations for lay people and priests.

We look after, accompany and respect our priests. We need them!

I have great affection for priests. I would like to share this wonderful video with you Aletheia with the prayer written by a future priest for his First Communion. You will like it.

“Dear People of God, how easy it is to be scandalized by the slightest failures of our priests! I sincerely ask you: love them more”.

Deivid Marcklai Rocha Cerqueira

Ask yourself these 4 questions about the priests you know!