At Spinadello we talk about water, with a new exhibition and a review of collateral events

Spinadello continues his reflection on the theme of water, with a exhibition of illustrated posters and a program of side events which will be held from 23 September to 30 October in the spaces of the former lifting plant and in the area of ​​the meanders of the Ronco river.

The exhibition I speak Water, which opens on Friday 23 September at 6.30 pm, tells through the voice of 17 illustrators, designers and creatives the most abundant of scarce resources, the most vital, mobile and precious terrestrial element that inhabits all the geographies of the planet. Born as the result of an international call promoted in 2021 by the Marche festival KA Nuovo Immaginario Migrante – with which Spinadello collaborates for the first time, expanding the network of subjects involved in the valorisation process of the historical aqueduct – the exhibition questions the user on the element of water and its meanings, as a precious, vital asset, a universal right, but also an object of privatization and speculation, a reason for instability and destruction.

In addition to the posters, it will be set up at the lifting station BOA: a selection of about 50 illustrated books inherent to the themes of the exhibition chosen by the municipal library “P. Artusi ”in Forlimpopoli, which can be consulted by all but dedicated in particular to girls and boys who will visit the space until October 30th. Among the collateral events, the program also includes two events designed specifically for the little ones, who, thanks to walks, readings and a laboratory for the discovery of river pebbles, will be able to start their own reflection on water as a resource and home for some of the most amazing creatures. of the Planet.

We therefore start this week with the inauguration of Parlo Acqua and the screening of the video of the same name, scheduled for Friday 23 September at 6.30 pm, in the presence of the anthropologist and migration expert Valeria Bochi (KA Nuovo Immaginario Migrante) and the director Matteo Giacchella . After the inauguration, the exhibition will be open on Saturdays from 15:00 to 18:30; Sunday 2, 16 and 30 October from 10:00 to 15:00 and on the occasion of all the events that will be held in Spinadello in conjunction with the exhibition period.

Saturday 24th September, at 9.00 pm it will be the turn of the Marcabru concert, who will play live presenting the new album “Asteroids” to the public. During the evening it will also be possible to admire the work “Zoomorfologia del Cosmo” by Alessandro Turoni, photographed on the cover of the disc. Admission free of charge, booking recommended on

The exhibition and events are organized in collaboration with KA Nuovo Immaginario Migrante, SediciCorto Film Festival and Pellegrino Artusi Municipal Library of Forlimpopoli, with the patronage and support of the Municipality of Forlimpopoli and Unica Reti Spa.

“The climate crisis is also a crisis of culture, and thus of imagination”, Amitav Ghosh
Water is the most abundant of the scarce resources, the most vital, mobile and precious terrestrial element that inhabits all the geographies of the planet. Water brings life and, in some cases, death. Water is a universal right of every person but it is becoming the subject of privatization and speculation. Water feeds all natural ecosystems, quenches the thirst of communities and allows for diverse agriculture. Water has nourished imaginaries and cosmogonies at every latitude and has always been an element of connection between the human and the supernatural, a symbolic element that over the centuries has been filled with multiple meanings. Born at the end of an international call for illustrators, designers and creatives promoted by KA Nuovo Immaginario Migrante, the exhibition questions the viewer on the future not only of humanity in the strict sense, but on the future of humans and non-humans who are interdependent and subject to the same variables. ecological as terrestrial beings.
Artwork by: Allegra Corbo, Claudia Palmarucci, Gio Pistone, Lisa Gelli, Marino Neri, Roberto Catani, Stefano Ricci, Elisa Francioli, Eva Escoms Estarlich, Farma Ibrahimi, Giulia Ceccarani, Noemi Tiofilo, Rebecca Valente, Rocha Vitor, Simona Bramati, Valentina Viggiano, Valeria Cavallone and Luca Longi (Lufo).

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At Spinadello we talk about water, with a new exhibition and a review of collateral events