Atzacan: place of strange apparitions and alleged nahuales

Santa Ana Atzacan, Ver.- Just 45 minutes from the city of “Los 30 Caballeros” is a municipality that comes from the Nahuatl “Atzac-can; Atl”which means “water”; “Tzaqua”which means “stop” and “Dog”; which means “place”; translated into our language, Atzacan is the “place where the water stops”.

The place had settlements of Olmecs, Nonoalcas, Tlaxcaltecas and Toltecas in the foothills of Citlaltépetl, according to the Veracruz government through its platform “Veracruz seems like”.

It limits to the north with Chocamán, to the east with Ixtaczoquitlán, to the south with Orizaba, to the southwest with Mariano Escobedo, to the west with La Perla and to the northwest with Coscomatepec and has species such as: ocozote, oak, ash, poplar, willow, red pine. and oyamel.

Their more traditional dance is known as “del guajolote” It is a tradition in which they give away a whole cooked turkey, inside a basket that was previously wrapped in paper and crowned with seasonal flowers.

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Legend of the virgin who cares for Atzacan

Santa Ana Atzacan is named after her Our Lady of Santa Ana Patron saint of the city; Well, inhabitants affirm that her miracles are innumerable, according to data from the City Council every year about 20 thousand people visit the town to thank him.

More than 250 years ago, says the legend, Gregorio Carrillo was working the cultivation of corn on one of his plots; suddenly the bells began to ring for more than two occasions but being noon he didn’t think it was a call to mass as usual, so decided to find out where the sound was coming from.

On his way home, his surprise was that found two religious images among the milpasGregorio took the biggest one and took it to his home. Some time later he organized a procession to take her to church but one day the image disappeared from the chapel and was found again in Gregorio’s houseso the residents thought that the virgin wanted to stay there with him and his family.

Legend has it that where the image is currently the chapel for the Virgin of Santa Ana was built.

Are there nahuales in Atzacan?

Another of the topics that are discussed in this place is about the presence of mystical creatures known as nahuales; a testimony said by the lady Sofía García to El Sol de Córdoba refers that they are “power animals, people with non-human powers, witches and supernatural beings”.

Recently, on September 21 in the city, residents announced through social networks the murder and disappearance of animals; point out that dogs howled and barked desperately due to the supposed presence of two “giant creatures”

“Those beasts were big, one was white with a black face and the other was brown with a lot of hair. They took calves and some goats, they looked like nahuales and I say this because at my age I have seen several,” asserts a man identified as Ricardo Morales.

Among the comments, those of users such as Lupitha Hernández Andrade stand out, who invited the population to put “Ocote crosses and lime crosses to their houses and their dogs, lots of holy water and pray psalm 91”; others think that the animals could have been poisoned and there is no supernatural creature in Atzacan, What do you think?

Atzacan: place of strange apparitions and alleged nahuales