Between discontent and relief, here are all the canceled TV series that we will not see in 2023

What are the TV series that they have been canceled for 2023? The list is really long and in this short article we will take stock of the situation. In essence, the reasons that led the companies to decide whether to continue or cancel the TV series are two: the hype aroused and the budget.

Let’s take an example, either Monsterthe story of Jeffrey Dahmerthat The Watcherboth creations by Ryan Murphy available on Netflix, had been planned for only one season, but following their success, a sequel was planned for both, vice versa for the series 1899also featured on Netflix, the company Los Gatos decided to interrupt the story early, leaving many questions unanswered.

But not only that, since a well-known TV series was also interrupted prematurely: Westworld. This HBO series had initially conquered millions and millions of viewers, but after the second season the decline began, so much so that it became monotonous at times.

For this reason, the US broadcaster has chosen to pull the plug early: there will be no fifth seasonindeed, Westworld joins the list of canceled series 2023. Let’s see what the others are.

TV series canceled 2023 on Netflix: here is the complete list:

Here you are TV series canceled for 2023 that are on the streaming platform Netflix:

  • Archive 81 – horror series that talks about satanic rituals and some young boys who try to discover the truth by observing disturbing videotapes;

  • The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself – British teen drama that offers a mix of sensual and supernatural;

  • Blockbusters – this TV series told the story of the last video rental shop in the world, unfortunately it turned out to be a flop;

  • Fate: The Winx Saga – although this reinterpretation of the cartoon has conquered an important slice of the public, Fate is still among the 2023 canceled series on Netflix;

  • The Midnight Club – stop immediately after the first season for this TV series that tells the poignant stories of terminally ill kids who have to face mysteries and paranormal situations;

  • Resident Evil – live-action TV series that ceases to exist after only 8 episodes. This TV series was dedicated to one of the best-known video game franchises in the world;

  • Tuca & Bertie – this tv series got a second chance: after being canceled in 2019, Comedy Central decided to save it and produce two more seasons. Now, however, the definitive stop has come;

  • The Warrior Nun – the last of the canceled 2023 series on Netflix is ​​definitely the story of this girl who became in possession of mystical powers, closed after two seasons.

More series canceled 2023

Becoming Elizabeth – On Lionsgate+, after the transition from Starz Play, some titles have been, so to speak, “sacrificed” and among these we find Becoming Elizabeth, stopped after only one season;

Dangerous Liaisons – together with Becoming Elizabeth Lionsgate+ has also decided to stop this TV series, a sort of reinterpretation of the scandalous novel by Pierre-Ambroise-François Choderlos de Laclos;

The Man Who Fell On Earth – it’s the legacy of Walter Tevis’ sci-fi novel and David Bowie movie that was aborted after just one season on Showtime/Paramount+;

Monarch – the American TV channel Fox has decided to cancel this TV series after only one season;

Raised by Wolves – the sci-fi TV series created by Ridley Scott was not only stopped for the second season, but it was actually removed from HBO Max;

The Time Traveler’s Wife – this TV series, remake of the film of the same name, as well as production based on the novel by Audrey Niffeneger has not convinced either critics or the public. The result? HBO canceled it after one season;

Night Sky – a painful farewell also arrives on Prime Video which after only 8 episodes has included this dramatic and supernatural mix among the canceled 2023 series;

Paper Girls – nothing to do, not even for Paper Girl, a teen drama also on Prime Video and, like the previous TV series, eliminated after only one season;

Goodbye also to

Shantaram – a series available on Apple Tv+ which tells the story of a man who, having fled Australia, decides to start a new life in Mumbai: rejected;

Witches – goodbye also to Charmed, which is among the TV series canceled 2023, even if after the beauty of four seasons. The elimination of this series is nothing more than an element of a maxi-plan for the renewal of The Cw, the famous American channel;

The Wilds – finally, among the canceled 2023 series we also find The Wild, dramatic and full of suspense. This TV series told the story of some girls who survived a plane crash that crashed on an (almost) deserted island.

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Between discontent and relief, here are all the canceled TV series that we will not see in 2023