Beyond a musical

There is nothing better than finding the sign hanging exhausted seats at the box office Great theater and, if it alludes to a show that is going to perform seven performances, the joy is multiplied. That’s what happened this weekend and Ghost the Musical He is directly responsible for the feat.

with booklet of Bruce Joel Rubinwho also signed the film’s script and received an Oscar for said work, the musical that premiered in the United Kingdom in 2011 has been represented by half the world until it LETSGO decided in 2019 that it was time to take it to the Gran Vía. After the pandemic break and its reactivation on the Madrid scene, they went on tour around the Spanish stages.

The story features Samthe prototype of the ideal man: young, handsome, with a very good job, honest, faithful to his friends and a great girlfriend by name molly who is an artist, as well as pretty. When everything seems to be going well for them, a thief robs the couple and Sam is murdered. Instead of leaving this world, his spirit is trapped in our dimension and he will discover how his death was not the result of a bad coincidence. From there, and with the help of Oda Mae, a bizarre medium, he will try to protect Molly and punish those guilty of the crime.

Bringing to the theater something that at the time had an impact on the viewer in movie theaters requires a big dose of creativity that at the same time be accompanied by all the technical resources that make possible the magic of representing a thriller supernatural. In this case it has been like that. For just over two hours we will enjoy the vertiginous staging that the production tells: 41 stage changes, choreography, special effects, live music and impeccable lighting.

A luxury packaging where 17 artists deploy all their energy, creating a vibrant and dynamic show that overwhelms us, where for obvious reasons vocal capacity is privileged, with an impressive Ricky Merino (Bustamante performed in the previous performance), Ana Dachs and Christian Sánchez at the head of the leading trio Sam/Molly/ Carl, together with the very outstanding performance of Ela Ruiz in the role of Oda Mae, who exquisitely provides the necessary comic counterpoint that sustains the plot. Brilliant work that earned an ovation from the stalls at the end of the performance.

For the public that once flocked to see on the big screen how Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore molded clay on the wheel to the rhythm of Unchained Melody, this has been an unmissable event. rescue those emotions that marked a generation that now combs gray hair, dyes it or at least would like to keep it is something for which it is worth buying a ticket, as long as your pocket allows it. Nostalgia and its price.

Beyond a musical