Books January 2023: ranking of the best thrillers, novels and essays

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Books January 2023. Reading never goes out of style, despite social media and new technologies having taken over. Books are a panacea for man who through a story can catapult himself into a parallel world, make discoveries, come into contact with fictional characters in which to reflect. The year has just begun and already in January 2023 it is possible to make a list of the most read and loved books by Italians.

Books January 2023, best thrillers

The thriller it is one of the most popular genres among readers and there are many books coming out in January, among these we remember:

  • How to kill your family: family-themed black comedy starring a twenty-eight-year-old girl named Grace Bernard, a Machiavellian heroine of our times who will kill six members of her family. The author of the book is Bella Mackie.
  • The president: victim of the story is the president of the Valencian Community who is found dead. On her case, however, the authorities are requesting the archive. The author of the book is Alicia Giménez-Bartlett.
  • A house all to ourselves out January 20: the author of the book is Susan Walter who staged the story of Holly and her dead husband. The story particularly affects the widow who will have to deal with someone who took away the love of her life.
  • Tigers are out and about by Mick Herron out January 17: story of the kidnapping of Catherine Standish, a veteran intelligence spy.


Among the novels to be released in January 2023 we mention:

  • Hunger for air by Daniele Mencarelli: the protagonists of the story are Pietro Borzacchi and his son Jacopo. The two decide to go on an adventure trip by car between mountains and hills. Everything seems to be going right until the car breaks down and they are forced to look for an alternative.
  • The intimate life by Niccolò Ammaniti to be released on January 17 tells the story of Maria Cristina Palma, a beautiful and rich girl, who only apparently has a perfect life.
  • Pain and suffering by Colleen Hoover.
  • I still think about you by Mattia Ollerongis. Love is the main protagonist of the story that will test Matteo, a young boy who has to deal with his feelings.

Wise men

Even the essays are much loved by Italian readers and among the novelties there are:

  • What is Christianity. Almost a spiritual testamenta collection of the latest reflections of Pope Benedict XVI on some fundamental themes of the Christian religion.
  • The days of freedom by Alessandro Milan, a set of stories about who fought for Italy. The narration starts from Milan and reaches every part of our country, from the Fossoli prison camp in Riva del Garda to the Vicenza countryside of Arzignano.
  • Administer the nation by Sabino Cassese. The author tries to explain the functioning of bureaucracy in all its facets.
  • Becoming parents by Camilla Stellato, the essay aims to be a map that helps to better understand the experience as a parent and give various useful tips for tackling the path. A book through which to take care of yourself and your children with greater awareness.
  • Daughters of the Resistance by Judy Batalion which deals with a historiographical theme concerning the fighters of the Nazi ghettos forgotten by history. As couriers, armed fighters, secret service agents and saboteurs, the “ghetto girls” are those who risked their lives with courage and nerves of steel.
  • premonition office by Sam Knight who through an original writing has told a true story of madness and wonder, science and the supernatural: a psychiatrist wants to predict the future and takes a journey to the most remote and powerful corners of the human mind.

Books January 2023: ranking of the best thrillers, novels and essays