Books: “Populated Man” by Franck Bouysse

This is one of the events of the 2022 literary season, the latest book by the Corrèze writer Franck Bouysse has just been published. After a literary success, an author takes refuge in an isolated farm. But who is this enigmatic neighbour, dowser and wizard? A captivating novel about creation. Interview with Franck Bouysse…

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Magnify the sky, Born of no woman, Wind drinkerstoday The populated man… Work after work the writer from Corrèze pursues his furrow. His latest novel combines two voices, two characters: Harry and Caleb. Interview with Franck Bouysse.

After black dawnbest-selling novel, Harry buys a farm in a lost country to take refuge there.

Harry is not looking for inspiration. He’s not someone who can’t write anymore. I like the word refugee. It’s not isolation he’s looking for, it’s taking refuge in something that will unbalance him, that will perhaps reveal something about him and allow him to really write. It’s not the white page, it’s the black page. »

Between dowser and wizard, Caleb is a neighbor of the writer Harry.

Caleb is not a supernatural being. He is a being of beliefs. I am impregnated with these stories that my grandmother told me, of these healers, of the powers that were granted to them. It is a world where we saw more the healer than the doctor. When God is lacking, we need beliefs, the sacred is everywhere in the countryside. It represents what goes beyond man, everything that is made by his brain and that begins to exist. »

The populated man is a polyphonic novel where each character has his own voice.

When a character takes possession of you, you do what you can to tell it. I leave the place to him, he manages. Sometimes in the third person, sometimes in the first person, it’s not me who decides. »

This novel works a bit like a brain. A brain is constantly tripping, going from one thought to another, it works like that. No one goes from point A to point B, there is no linear thinking. »

We are really in the considerations of a writer who asks questions about his creation. Harry made honey of everything he read, saw, heard, lived. It is above all a book on creation, on its process. »

When I write, there is something powerful that devours me, that surpasses me and that rebounds in the writing. The sentences are more or less high waves. Sometimes they are short, remain on the surface. Sometimes they unfold, you never know where they’ll go. They allow the story to unfold, it’s fascinating. »

I think we ask too much of the authors. They are asked to be on the media, to exist elsewhere than in their books. It’s the book that’s important, not the author. It reminds me of Faulkner’s inaugural speech when he received the Nobel Prize for Literature: I dare to hope that you invite me for my work and not for my little person. That says it all. »

Writing a book is not speed dating. I’m not going to write saying to myself: hey, here’s the spirit of the times, hey, I’m not going to go to these extremities otherwise it will be shocking. Manufacturing is now becoming a norm where we create false feelings, false sensations. We write only what we have in ourselves and the encounter with the reader is fortuitous, it is miraculous when it happens. Just like the writer when he writes, the reader must forget himself. You shouldn’t expect anything when you enter a book. »

The populated man where the paradox of the writer who to describe the world needs to get out of it. A magnificent mise en abyme on literary creation.

Franck Bouysse will be signing his new novel this Wednesday, September 7 from 6:30 p.m. at the Page et Plume bookstore in Limoges.

Books: “Populated Man” by Franck Bouysse