Boy comes to terms with the devil who is unleashed during the Rosary

The conversion story of this 18-year-old young man and how he faces the evil one’s attempts to persuade him, tells us how close God is to us and does not lose sight of us even for a moment.

A boy asked a priest for advice after the beginning of his conversion at a particular moment in his life.

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The conversion of the young man is not without difficulty

Talking about oneself and difficult times is not always easy. Of course, especially when you are younger, you need even more to confide in someone who knows how to help us and tell us what to do in a particular moment of life.

Like this 18-year-old, who discovered God after a bad time in his life. There are still many obstacles that he must overcome, but his conversion led him to have greater awareness of his being a Christian.

He asked a priest for some advice: “For a year now I converted after a bad period of disorder and suffering. Since I welcomed God into my life I feel totally different, I have approached prayer and the reading of Holy Scriptures and religious texts that improve me day after day”- writes the young man named Samuel.

Blasphemous thoughts and blasphemies

Samuele, however, finds himself faced with a problem and asks Father Angelo for help to solve it: “I encountered some problems, however, during the day, but in particular during the recitation of the Rosary and only sometimes during Holy Mass, that is my mind involuntarily has obscene blasphemous thoughts and sometimes even utters blasphemies.

They are like a river, I don’t know how to stop them, only every now and then I can distract myself but a few seconds later they return and therefore I am afraid of hurting or offending God and Our Lady. I had never thought of this before, and I have never cursed even as a joke, it all started since I started praying the Rosary every daythat is a month ago.

So now, my doubt is the following: these are ambushes that satan tends to my mind, Why am I looking for God now and does he know that he will no longer have me or am I the problem? And above all my soul is stained with sin? ”.

The priest’s advice

An understandable fear of the young man who, recently, came close to God, and for whom Father Angelo has the words of light and comfort “I thank God for your return to the Lord. It can be said of you what the father of the prodigal son said to his elder son: “This brother of yours was dead and has come back to life, he was lost and has been found.

Today your heart is inflamed with the love of God. Approaching the Holy Scriptures and religious texts is the same as approaching Christ. And Christ is ‘resurrection and life’. By identifying myself with your experience, I sense how you feel the supernatural life flowing within you: the mind is enlightened and nourished;

the heart is inflamed and flooded with a consolation that is not of this world, but is heavenly; your whole life is filled with the desire to settle in the heart of God because you feel like you are already tasting a portion of Paradise “ – continues the priest.

But what solution, what words or explanations to find to this “sense of sin” that Samuel is experiencing?

Why those bad thoughts during the Rosary?

“Now I come to say a word about what has been happening to you for some time, especially in the life of prayer […] even great saints have suffered similar harassment. Among these in particular Santa Caterina da Siena. However, however much such thoughts and imaginations disturb you, they are not sin for you because they are not wanted”- writes Father Angelo.

It is true, the devil always pursues us, puts his hand especially when we are in prayer: “You tell me that you are disturbed especially during the prayer of the Holy Rosary. Well, there is a very useful trick to avoid being invaded by everything that assails you during this prayer.

The technique consists in reconstructing in our mind the event enunciated in the mystery. When we undertake to reconstruct the event in our mind in all its details and at the same time we ask Mary to let us live them as she lived them, time goes by without distraction ”.

The prayer of the Rosary is the one that the devil most hates of alltherefore he tempts the young man at that very moment.

The importance of thanking God

If you add to this the thanksgiving to the Lord for the event carried out for our benefit and ask for thanks for themselves, for the family, for friends, for the church, for the world by virtue of its merits, especially those related to the event mentioned, then it is opposed to the common adversary a very strong barrier”- concludes the priest.


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Boy comes to terms with the devil who is unleashed during the Rosary