César Rincón and José Tomás sublimate bullfighting in Manizales

Full house in the rows in the Manizales bullring. Last of the fair Six bulls from the Zalduendo ranch, fair presentation and unequal play, which reached the last third with little strength. The good first was applauded and the brave sixth was pardoned. César Rincón (two ears and ear), José Miguel Arroyo “Joselito” (greetings from the third and ear) and José Tomás (ear and two symbolic ears). Throughout the bullfight, a strong wind blew, making the bullfighters uncomfortable and even exposing them.

As Luis Moreno Sosa recounted for Applause: “César Rincón gave him a type when spearing the first of the afternoon. After his encounter with the horse, he reached the suitcase and had no strength, and Rincón delighted in short and consecutive series that at times marred when rolling the horn, but the right-handed man knew how to maintain the level of work that had already reached an uproar in the lines, and after killing with a lunge, he represented the two ears. He could not do anything with the cape to the fourth that came loose, and after the relative punishment in rods, he arrived tamely to the last third. The Colombian raised the task with different characteristics than his first, he showed his delayed crutch and warmed up his work to infect the crowd who, after killing with a prone thrust, gave him another ear ”.

Joselito, motivated, received the second with rhythmic and beautiful veronicas, bending his knees until winning the midfield, where he finished off and, after a strong punch, brilliantly sold a kick from behind. Although noble and with kindness, the bull arrived exhausted and with little strength to Joselito’s crutch, who understood it, and adjusted with intelligent gentleness the task that caused admiration due to his temper by exceeding the condition of the specimen. He lost the trophies for puncturing and refusing to go around the ring, he waved from the third. With the fifth, he substantiated his wishes and, entrenched in the center of the saucer, showed his chest to charge luck and advancing the opposite leg, he threw the red cloth “forward” to temperately bind work with artistic overtones, but the bull was diminished going less and had to take the sword with which he pricked, to then leave a withering thrust, and cut an ear that tasted little.

José Tomás, after flashing in quites with the third, had to fight against the strong wind that in gusts blurred the crutch, however, with great merit, he avoided this situation and rightly extended the deception to sustain an interesting task that in chorus accompanied the echo from the lines and fighting on both hands and passes overlooked, he emerged unscathed from the difficult compromise. He hit the steel to receive a well-deserved ear. With the sixth, a good bull, he looked inspired from the beginning, his hands very low, temper and rhythm for majestic veronicas and with the crutch he tastefully saturated to draw with his left hand deep and slow naturals that made up the exquisite work that , full of art, produced the clamor, how well he fought! He came the pardon of the brave animal and the consequent triumph of the matador, receiving the two symbolic ears.

After the bullfight, the press echoed the natives instrumented by the right-hander from Galapagar. Thus, three well-known journalists reflected it in his chronicles:

“José Tomás took it by the left python in a series of impeccable execution, buckling with the force of the chest and coming out of the bull’s face gracefully, with a very personal seal in which he wasted art, slowness and bullfighting command. For me they have been the purest naturals that I have seen any bullfighter perform” (Óscar García, in El Espectador).

“How this man fights with his left, what depth and what a way to let the bull pass by brushing his thighs with the pitons and he undaunted. It is almost impossible to fight slower and closer than this bullfighter did by nature” (Luis Noé Ochoa, in El Tiempo).

“When someone asks you how to fight “al natural” ask for the video of José Tomás to the last bull of this fair. More than natural, it is supernatural” (Manolo Moles, in La Patria).

César Rincón and José Tomás sublimate bullfighting in Manizales – Applause.es