Comics chronicle: The Paris of wonders # 01


The story of this 1time part, in a few lines…

In the Paris of the early 20th century, Louis Denizart Hippolyte Griffont is a well-established magus.

On this beautiful morning, he is hired by the manager of a private gambling circle (a casino, what) who suspects Sébrier, one of its new members, of using magic to win at his tables.

On the other hand, his illustrious friend, the mysterious Countess Cécile de Brescieux asks him to go to the Other World to fetch a book from the central library; “The truthful chronicle of the Latour-Fondval family” while she recovers the Russian ambassador’s brooch as well as sulphurous letters that could have caused great harm to France!

Known for her reckless spirit and gifted for engaging in the darkest intrigues, the impetuous Cécile has a strong inkling that her mysterious sponsor is playing a double game with her….


What we thought…

This new series comes from Pierre Pevel’s novels “Les enchantements d’Ambremer”. Currently comprising 3 volumes, Etienne Willem proposed to the author to make an adaptation in 2 volumes for each investigation.

The universe of this new series is immediately known: the Paris of the Belle Epoque, that of beautiful ladies in crinolines and gentlemen with fine mustaches traveling in cabs. However, screenwriter Pierre Pevel has sprinkled this world with some fantastic elements such as fairies, gargoyles, an Outremonde and even griffins…. Confusing to read like this in a chronicle without seeing the rendering, but the graphic work of Etienne Willem to stage this universe turns out to be fascinating (the Eiffel Tower in white wood from Outre-Monde…). At most one could reproach here and there some inaccuracies in the faces of the secondary characters, but that would be nitpicking!

Griffont & Cécile both carry out 2 investigations which – at first glance – have nothing in common but which will lead them into the same shop of an antique dealer known to all of Paris. From this moment, their respective investigations will intersect and they will try to trace the thread of a gigantic international traffic in enchanted objects. However, it will only be in the 2th part of this story that our 2 heroes will work together against 2 common enemies!


We loved the first trilogy “Les Artilleuses”, already committed by these 2 friends and already taking place in this universe.

However, when the publisher Drakoo announced this adaptation, we feared a repetition (and therefore a great disappointment). “Que Nenni” would have dropped my Ardennes grandfather: this first volume enchanted us!

We perfectly find this Parisian universe mixed with a zest of the supernatural, on an investigation worthy of the “Tiger Brigades”…. Confrontations, murders, thefts, secrets, betrayals and turnarounds keep us in a state of permanent attention!

Congratulations to the 2 authors: this first part bodes well for an excellent series to follow at Drakoo!


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Milan Morales

Comics chronicle: The Paris of wonders # 01