Confidence and economic consolidation (OPINION)

Felix Santana Garcia, director of DIGECOG.

Two keywords that serve as epigraphs to these reflections. It is nothing new that every time a year ends and begins, there are many omens that are expressed around the economic and financial future of a country and the rest of the world.

But nothing more true, is that no human being has the absolute truth about the future of a person, company, government and State, despite the excellent tools, econometric models and formulas that can accurately predict the future of humanity, already that it depends on many economic, financial and natural variables and surprises, which can happen in a second, minute, hour, day, month and year.

The human being is at the expense of these phenomena and, of course, of God’s designs, although there are people who are unaware, they distrust the existence of a supernatural being or God, since everything is tied to the evolution of things, randomly. , to luck or simply and simply to an uncertain destiny, without the presence of a creator of the world and the universe.

Many speak with absolute certainty about the evolution of the times, despite the fact that day by day life teaches that no one has a crystal ball that glimpses what is to happen at a certain moment.

Says a saying that says, each head is a world and everything depends on the glass with which the national and international environment is seen.

Sometimes it is expressed that, according to the behavior of the last five years, the future holds for humanity a more bearable or more hazardous life, depending on the trends of the data that have been introduced to the models for their analysis and forecasts.

Great surprise as time passes, because the results are contrary to said studies or analysis, because nobody has the truth in their hands. What can be done is to approach or have an idea or approximation about the events that have to happen.

So no one can say that the world will end tomorrow because even experts in a matter of human knowledge with great expertise, are wrong to predict future events.

Many writers have started the year 2023 expressing that things will be more difficult than those that were staged during the past year, 2022.

Subject to these reflections, one could choose to choose one of the two existing alternatives in the world: good or evil, be optimistic or pessimistic, believe in one omen or another, that it will be difficult or easy, have a positive thought or negative, in order to stick to one of the alternatives, good or bad.

As much as it is said, humanity continues to live and continues to do so with a view to the future, since it has made great advances in its more than 200,000 years of existence on the face of the earth.

There is no doubt that there is good and evil. It is preferable to choose the good, the positive, the possible, at least the brain is tricked into seeing the world through the glass of what is achievable, the feasible, the achievable and, since the brain is so powerful, it will make the human being transforms things from the impossible to the possible.

It is preferable to register on the sidewalk of the possible, of the achievable, of the belief in God, Almighty, since if there were not the omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of a supernatural being or of a God, nothing would be lost and, if there is God then the human will have greater advantages, because he was or is a believer and his sins will be commuted or eliminated.

There are more advantages than disadvantages in being a believer in God, in believing in goodness, in the common good, in what is positive, in what is feasible, since there is proven information that, if you are positive in life, chains develop of positive prayers and with a lot of faith, even malignant diseases disappear.

Based on the previous philosophy on belief, it is necessary to believe that the year 2023 despite the bad omens of frustrated people, who put the negative in front of them or are simply devoted to misanthropy, who see the negative part in their forecasts.

The year 2023 will be a positive period, of great achievements, increased investments, more tourist visits, the consolidation of everything achieved in the last two years in all aspects of the daily life of the Dominican.

The Dominican Republic opens to a new year, with great enthusiasm that despite disturbing external winds, internally they will be winds that do not knock down coconuts, but will be sources of union, in search of a better life for all, as good Brothers who are the Dominicans and, more so if there is an excellent leadership of the State, like the one that the Dominican Republic spends today, in favor of the common good. Always with faith, patience and a positive mental attitude.


Confidence and economic consolidation (OPINION)