Copenhagen Cowboy: Refn’s new TV series for Netflix

TOThe TV series finally arrives on Netflix Copenhagen Cowboyssigned by one of the most visionary directors of the 2000s: Nicolas Winding Refn. The protagonist is a young girl called to find her own voice in a violent and paranormal world.

From January 5th Netflix offers the TV series Copenhagen Cowboys, directed by director Nicolas Winding Refn. A noir series in six episodes, it centers on the enigmatic young heroine Miu who, at the dawn of a new beginning after a life of servitude, traverses the disturbing world of Copenhagen’s criminal slums. Thirsting for justice and revenge, Miu meets her nemesis Rakel and together they embark on an odyssey through the natural and supernatural dimensions. The past ends up transforming and defining their future, as the two young women discover they are not alone.

Presented out of competition at the Venice Film Festival 2022the Netflix TV series Copenhagen Cowboys is inspired by classic fairy tales, epic poetry and Hollywood westerns entrusting the protagonist Miu with the task of leading us through squalid streets and basements as well as in the button rooms of a multinational company and sumptuous estates. Miu could be a sorceress, a priestess, a heroine or a thief… or, perhaps, something the world has never seen before.

The plot of the TV series Copenhagen Cowboy

The Netflix TV series Copenhagen Cowboys “It is born from my revolutionary fire and seeks to seduce and entertain the senses at the same time,” said the director Nicolas Winding Refn. “It is designed to stimulate the mind, eyes, tongue, heart and soul. Tensions and emotions ignite in a macabre tour de force that manifests itself in Miu, a new incarnation of my alter egos, fundamental in my past, present and future work”.

Electrifying, complex and illuminated by neon lights, Copenhagen Cowboys consists of six episodes that continuously shuffle the cards. Let’s see what happens in each of them.

Bought and sold as a human lucky charm for as long as she can remember, Miu finds herself in the hands of Rosella, an elderly woman who believes that the girl will help her conceive a miraculous child. But when that doesn’t happen, an enraged Rosella banishes Miu into a locked cellar where her brother Andre keeps a string of prostitutes locked away. Together with Cimona, one of the prisoners, Miu devises a plan to escape. Cimona, however, vanishes into thin air.

With her plan to become a mother failing, Rosella forces Miu to work for Andre, who plans to auction off the girl. However, a vision prompts Miu to fight to escape from the brothel. She finds refuge with Mother Hulda, a restaurant owner and healer who recognizes her unique abilities. Returning to Rosella the next day, Miu finally frees herself in a last-ditch gesture and begins to live her life.

Seeing something special in Miu that could benefit them both, Hulda takes the girl under her wing. When Mother Hulda’s boss and local boss Mr. Chiang complains of severe migraines, Miu miraculously manages to ease her pain. In doing so, however, she intuits that the man has taken Hulda’s daughter Ai hostage. In taking Hulda to a sumptuous private estate for a business deal, Miu thinks she sees the ghost of Cimona.

After Cimona’s vision, Miu insists on returning to the estate. Here, she meets Nicklas, the son of a powerful and sinister family, and she realizes that she is facing the murderer of her friend. Having managed to escape, Miu is greeted by two of Mr. Chiang’s henchmen: the boss needs her help again for another migraine. Miu agrees to help him but on one condition: she must return her Ai to her mother. The boss will do it but at an exorbitant price. Miu turns to Miroslav, a dishonest lawyer she has known in the past, and he puts her in touch with some gang members to apprentice to a street drug dealer, Danny. Nicklas, horribly disfigured by his confrontation with Miu, plans her revenge.

When a brutal gang war breaks out, Danny asks Miu to hide a large batch of cocaine. However, they are ambushed from which only Miu comes out alive. The girl then decides to use cocaine to pay Ai’s ransom. Meanwhile, Niklas awakens his foster sister Rakel from a long sleep that lasted for years. Angry teenager, rebellious and with mysterious abilities, Rakel will be the secret weapon to get revenge on Miu: at least that’s what Nicklas believes.

Miu returns Ai to her mother but discovers that Hulda didn’t tell her the whole truth. Miroslav’s life is threatened by the real owners of the cocaine and he looks for a way to neutralize Miu. The revived Rakel recovers slowly, gaining strength on a highly targeted diet. However, the teenager tells his brother that Miu “is not one but many”. However, it won’t be long before Rakel makes his terrifying appearance in front of Miu…

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When he began to conceive the Netflix TV series Copenhagen Cowboys, Refn had in mind a story about a mysterious lonely boy who moves in the Danish underworld bringing trouble. Like so many western heroes, 19-year-old Miu hadn’t passed. Since then, however, many things have changed and Miu has grown into a young woman who has spent her short life being mistaken as an object from person to person. Everyone is convinced that she is able, if she wants, to fulfill her wishes or to destroy them forever.

Copenhagen Cowboys represents Refn’s second foray into the world of TV series, after the extraordinary success always on Netflix of Too old to die young, a 13-hour epic that pushed the limits of conventional storytelling. In Copenhagen Cowboys depicts a world dominated by drug dealers, murderers, pimps and arms dealers with unheard of (but also elegant) violence, spiced with mythic and supernatural influences.

“Fairy tales and a hero’s journey are the DNA of Miu’s story,” said the filmmaker. “The real and the unreal merge in the training process of this young protagonist called to move in a context in which greed, deceit and cruelty are rampant and kill innocence. If Shakespeare wrote his stories today, he would not tell of royal families but of crime: it is the ideal universe to speak of danger and deception, a mirror for the darkest fantasies with all the components of a drama ”.

Surrounded in real life by women (including his wife Liv Corfixen and daughters Lola and Lizzielou), Refn said he was aware of what he calls the metaphysical power of femininity. “Women are the foundation of civilization,” she explained. “After working on various versions of the Miu character, I felt it was time to put the male ones aside and turn him into a female. My wife Liv has provided me with inspiration for both Miu and her rival Rakel”.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn on the set of the TV series Copenhagen Cowboy.
Director Nicolas Winding Refn on the set of the TV series Copenhagen Cowboys.

Heaven and hell

Main protagonist of the Netflix TV series Copenhagen Cowboys as Miu is the actress Angela Bundalovich, with a background training also as a classical dancer. “I was fascinated by how Refn talked to me about the project,” the actress said. “You called it an evolving process, of which the script was just the starting point, a seed to develop. The only certainty was the desire to have a strong protagonist on stage”.

“Miu is a mysterious creature,” the actress continued. “It is not known where she comes from and what is special about her. No one knows about it, not even Miu herself. We could define her as a sort of angel who fell to Earth but not by choice. Refn didn’t give me any particular guidance on acting: “just be quiet, present, and aware,” a piece of advice that fueled my character’s physicality in no small way. The actor who plays Chiang has been a martial arts expert for years and I trained in his gym. The fighting is violent but there is never any blood. In a way, they look like very elegant choreography.”

Over the course of the Netflix TV series Copenhagen Cowboys, Miu will have to deal with Rakel, an equally mysterious girl with strange powers. An angelic-looking figure, Rakel is seemingly the antithesis of Miu but the two share a powerful connection. The role is played by Lola Corfixen, Refn’s eldest daughter. “Rakel and Miu are yin and yang,” highlighted the actress. “Unlike Miu, Rakel has a family behind her but she too is only appreciated for the benefits she can bring to others. Her energy is too strong to be controlled and for this reason she has been put to sleep. In my vision, Rakel is like Antigone: imprisoned for rebelling against a patriarchal world.”

Angela Bundalovic, Lola Corfixen and Nicolas Winding Refn.
Angela Bundalovich, Lola Corfixen and Nicolas Winding Refn.

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