Criticism of Tales of The Walking Dead, the anthology of stories from AMC +

the streaming service AMC+ has released the anthology of short stories Tales of The Walking Deadproduced by AMC Studios.

It is set in the universe created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Frank Darabont but goes through different moments of the zombie apocalypse and focuses on different characters, both new and familiar from the world of the original series.

As a starting point, it is essential to point out that each episode dives into very different realities and the narrative itself is diverse, so do not take anything for granted.


Teaser of Tales of the Walking Dead, the anthology that arrives this summer on AMC +

When and how to watch Tales of The Walking Dead episodes?

AMC+ is available on Orange TV, Vodafone TV, Jazztel TV and as an additional channel on Prime Video and Apple TV.

In case you are wondering It has a free trial period of 7 days after which it costs 3.99 euros per month.

Tales of The Walking Dead It consists of six episodes, which will be released every Thursday at a rate of one per week. That means that the first one has been released on September 22 and the last one will be available on October 27, just in time for Halloween, since it is the creepiest of all.

Below we offer you the details of each episode, the official synopsis and some spoiler-free impressions of each episode. As essential information, we confirm that although the series investigates some of the already known characters, it is not essential to watch to follow the “mother series”. The Walking Dead will return to Fox for his farewell on October 3.

The AMC+ channel is incorporated into the Apple TV App to fill it with new content

Episode 1×01, “Evie/Joe”

  • Premiere Thursday, September 22.
  • Directed by: Ron Underwood.
  • Written by: Maya Goldsmith & Ben Sokolowski.
  • Starring Olivia Munn and Terry Crews.

Story of the road trip of a lonely “prepper” who leaves his bunker in search of a woman from his past. Along the way, he meets someone who is the polar opposite of him, but they join forces with him to find his lost loved ones.

Tales of The Walking Dead It kicks off with a story that nicely sums up the heart of this entire franchise: there’s always hope to cling to and someone who can tear it to shreds in an instant. This is about walking on a tightrope and of course, in a world where one cannot trust even the shadow of it, there is no possible preparation to be able to face the challenge of disappointment.

The episode itself is not one of the strongest in this new anthology series, but thanks to its many plot twists and the performances of Terry Crews and Olivia Munn, the story is even luminous at times and leaves a message of hope.

Episode 1×02: “Blair/Gina”

  • Premiere Thursday, September 29.
  • Directed by: Michael E. Satrazemis.
  • Written by: Kari Drake
  • Starring Parker Posey and Jillian Bell.

A disgruntled receptionist and her overbearing boss get trapped as the city of Atlanta collapses under the Apocalypse, forcing them to work together in order to escape the city.

Tales of The Walking Dead

The “mother series” has given us little opportunity to travel to the past, if not almost none.

Here we adopt the perspective of the moment before the disaster begins and we also have our protagonists immersed in a time loop, a resource very well exploited in films like happy day of your death and that here it serves to introduce a quite refreshing patina of black humor for this universe, always leaden.

Among the greatest virtues of this new chapter: its protagonists. Without them we might have choked more.

Episode 103: “Dee”

  • Premiere Thursday, October 6.
  • Directed by: Michael E. Satrazemis.
  • Written by: Channing Powell
  • Starring Samantha Morton.

A mother and her daughter escape the violence and take refuge in an old steamboat. The peaceful environment deteriorates after an event that forces the mother to review her violent past to protect her daughter.

Tales of The Walking Dead

It is the main image of the trailer for good reason: the character of Samantha Morton has been one of the most lethal and subjugating of those who have gone through The Walking Dead. Alpha was, to say the least, an unsolved puzzle that made us wonder a thousand times what the hell had happened to this woman to become the leader of the Whisperers.

This is surely the episode with the most substance for those looking for answers since it serves as a spin-off/prequel to the end we discover the trigger for his behavior and the problems in relating to his daughter Lydia. That eternal love-hate relationship that forged one of the sickest mother-child connections we have seen in fiction.

Episode 1×04: “Amy/Dr. Everett”

  • Premiere Thursday, October 13.
  • Directed by: Haifaa Al-Mansour.
  • Written by: Ahmadu Garba
  • Starring Anthony Edwards and Poppy Liu.

Documentary about a naturalist who studies wayfarers and meets an energetic settler. A tense relationship is forged between the two as the settler tries to make the case for the people to reclaim some of the territory. Starring Anthony Edwards and Poppy Liu.

Tales of The Walking Dead

do you remember the series life without us? Well, here we are before a painful but sincere confirmation: no matter what happens, the world will continue to turn when the human being has dissipated from the face of the Earth.

This chapter moves on to a much more documentary narrative conception in which the human being as such becomes something insignificant… in search of meaning for his own existence. The philosophical approach is defined by showing again two characters with an antagonistic attitude in the face of adversity.

Episode 1×05, “Davon”

  • Premiere Thursday, October 20.
  • Directed by: Michael E. Satrazemis.
  • Written by: Channing Powell
  • Starring Jessie T. Usher.

A strange young man suddenly wakes up in a dangerous foreign city with no memory of how he got there. He must piece together fragments of his broken mind to discover why the townspeople are accusing him of murder.

Tales of The Walking Dead

In this penultimate installment of Tales of The Walking Dead The dosage of information is essential because we put ourselves in the shoes of a man who does not remember how he got to the place where he is: a new community that deals with the task of trying to recover the rules of coexistence that the new world order has dynamited

We are not going to deny that it is one of the most tedious chapters when it comes to viewing and that it makes some moral underlines regarding issues such as the death penalty, xenophobia or euthanasia that border on the simplistic. Even so, it has elements of psychological horror and anguish that lovers of the genre will appreciate.

Episode 1×06: “The Lady”

  • Premiere Thursday, October 27.
  • Directed by: Deborah Kampmeier.
  • Written by: Lindsey Villarreal.
  • Starring Daniella Pineda and Danny Ramírez.

A couple traumatized by the apocalypse lives haunted by a haunted house. Terrifying memories along with unexplained phenomena in the house affect the emotional well-being of the couple and their relationship.

Tales of The Walking Dead

In line with Halloween, you see that it opens on October 27 with all the intention of arousing the interest of regular horror viewers, the series goes a little out of control with an episode that embraces supernatural terror.

The decision from the script is risky because it affects one of the recurring complaints of the audience: that the walkers are the least of it and have been relegated to the anecdotal. It is not the culmination that the series deserved, because it sometimes leaves something to be desired in terms of production and the performances are also far from perfect, but it serves to pass the time.

the universe of The Walking Dead continues to expand and this is a good example of it. There are many stories to tell and this anthology can continue to play with the norms to subvert them and show new perspectives and conflicts.

In this first season he has not risked going too far from the issues that are and have been the focus of the series, so he has a lot of room for maneuver to opt for new formats, much crazier stories and reflections that leave us sitting ass. You need to take more risks and leave behind the fear of “getting out of the box.”

Criticism of Tales of The Walking Dead, the anthology of stories from AMC +