Cut-Up Publishing presents CORNELIO, the cartoon by Carlo Lucarelli

Cut Up Publishing is pleased to present, in an elegant fine hardcover edition, CORNELIO: The Fear Club, conceived and written by Carlo Lucarelli, Mauro Smocovich And Giuseppe Di Bernardo. The volume contains the stories “The Fear Club” And “The Vampire Relic“. The drawings are by Daniel Statella, Marco Fara And Francesco Bonanno. Cover by Andrea Factors.

What we are about to tell is a story of pure and simple horror, a mystery of course. A mysterious mystery. A thriller. Yes, too. But terrible and frightening, with so much, so much blood and blind violence that does not seem to have anything human. If this were a book it could be The Dark Half of Stephen King and if it were a film it would be a claustrophobic thriller of the Seventies, like those of Lucio Fulci. But this is the story of Cornelio Bizzarro, a successful noir writer (who has the appearance of Carlo Lucarelli) with no more ideas. And if he doesn’t write, if he doesn’t give life to his heroes, will the demons of the soul take over?

A comic full of suspense and fun, suspended between noir, thriller and horror, conceived and written with wit and irony. Between one puzzle and another, between a nightmare adventure and a detective story, the protagonist is joined by the dynamic and sensual Vanessa. The girl (model and photographer) wants to be the inspiring muse of her favorite writer, dragging him where the mystery is most mysterious, where crime and fear are hidden and where every corner hides dark creatures born from sick minds. In the comic there are some references to Lucarelli’s bibliography and to his literary creations as Inspector Coliandro And Inspector Grazia Negro.

Barbara Baraldi says: “Turn off the light and light a candle. To present a book of a colleague like Cornelio you need the right atmosphere. Don’t worry about the strange noises of chains coming from the basement… the writer’s job, you know, is made of concreteness. And if it is a question of spirit, it is above all a spirit of sacrifice. Yes, because literature is a serious matter, even when it is told through the cartoons of a comic of those who have lived the stories he tells on his skin. In short, someone like Cornelio. The first time I met him I had the feeling that I had already seen him somewhere. You know, the Italian literary environment is small and everyone knows each other. And people murmur? You will say. Not just the people. Maybe a look at that basement should be given to him. “

17 × 24, 208 pages, hardcover
Price: € 23.90
EAN: 9788832218428

The volume will be previewed at the ANAFI fair in Bologna on 26 and 27 November, in the presence of Carlo Lucarelli, but it is already available, discounted and with free shipping, on the publisher’s website:

Cut-Up Publishing presents ANUBI’S REVENGE by Claudio Chiaverotti

Cut Up Publishing is pleased to present THE REVENGE OF ANUBIa novel by Claudio Chiaverotti. Cover by Andrea Venturipreface by Stefano Fantelli.

A researcher from the Egyptian museum in Turin is stabbed to death. The man was translating an ancient papyrus, the chronicle of a series of ferocious crimes committed in 1500 BC in Thebes by someone wearing a mask of Anubis, the god of the underworld, patron of the necropolis and embalming. And according to the researcher, that papyrus contained the clues to discover the identity of the murderer. The inspector in charge of the case, Giulio Arcandi, is a light-hearted and ironic type, a former eighty-eight (he was too young for ’68, and therefore contested in the following decade), a militant skeptic who collides in spite of himself with the ‘unknown. A thriller on which the veil of the supernatural hovers against the background of a winter and nocturnal Turin, with its icy breezes like the breaths of anti that undead divinity and with its shadows that seem to take on frightening and vindictive forms at every corner.

Claudio Chiaverotti, for a long time collaborates with Tiziano Sclavi to the production of the Dylan Dog stories writing more than fifty (many of which fall within the first hundred numbers of the series) and in the meantime he also created stories for Martin Mystère. In 1998 a character of his own, Brendon, arrived on the newsstands and in 2015 his new series, Morgan Lost, an action thriller about a serial killer hunter. With the short film I vampires dream of winter fairies, of which he signed both the screen and the direction, he won the 37th edition of the Fantafestival.


17 × 24, 120 pages, hardcover
Price: € 17.90
EAN: 9788832218404

The volume will be previewed at the ANAFI fair in Bologna on 26 and 27 November, in the presence of Claudio Chiaverotti, but it is already available, discounted and with free shipping, on the publisher’s website.:

Cut-Up Publishing presents DOCTEUR MYSTÈRE by Alfredo Castelli and Lucio Filippucci

Cut Up Publishing is pleased to present the volume in an elegant hardcover edition DOCTEUR MYSTÈRE: The two doctors from Alfredo Castelli And Lucio Filippucci.

«I discovered the existence of the Docteur Mystère in 1994, in an antiquarian bookshop in Saint Remi de Provence: it gave its name to a large volume of the Voyages Excentriques published by Boivin which intrigued me because of its title. I bought it, read it with some difficulty (it is very wordy and often repetitive) and yet I decided to transform the protagonist into an ancestor of my longest-lived character, Martin Mystère. “ (Alfredo Castelli)

The original Docteur Mystère was created in 1899 by the French writer Paul d’Ivoi, one of the most prolific authors of popular novels of the genre which at the time was called “eccentric adventures”. In 1998, after a hundred years, the Docteur Mystère was taken up by Alfredo Castelli and Lucio Filippucci who completely revisited the character and inserted him into the universe of Martin Mystère, transforming him into the protagonist of incredible and crazy stories with humorous tones that they take up again with affectionate irony the great themes of popular literature of the early twentieth century. In this volume, for the first time ever, the Docteur returns in both its versions, in two different adventures that are nothing short of extraordinary.


17 × 24, 48 color pages, hardcover
Price: € 20.90
EAN: 9788832218466

The volume will be previewed at the ANAFI fair in Bologna on 26 and 27 November, in the presence of the authors, but it is already available, discounted and with free shipping, on the publisher’s website:

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