Dance, circus and live music: Gelsomina Dreams

The Persiani Theater renews the awaited appointment with Sunday at the Persiani, a season dedicated to families whose first appointment on Sunday 20 November is with Gelsomina Dreams, a declared homage by the Blucinque company to Federico Fellini’s imagination, a show that blends dance, circus , theater and live music in a poetic and dreamlike montage for an audience of adults and children (from 6 years).

The artists on stage move in a suspended and timeless setting, which alludes to a disused film set reminiscent of Fellini. Gelsomina Dreams grafts onto the language of dance theater the languages ​​of music, played live, here also reworking melodies by the great Nino Rota, and the contemporary circus. The work draws inspiration from the more human and emotional aspects of Fellini’s world, such as his relationship with his wife Giulietta Masina or his fascination for the supernatural world, between amulets and fortune tellers. The spectator is thus led by the hand into a deeper, unconscious, suspended, at times unsettling dimension.
In the textual parts, poems by Louis Borges have been used, bearers of themes close to Fellini’s universe: fiction, the double, the dream, that “active aesthetics of prisms, capable of forging a passive aesthetics of mirrors”, through the rhythm and the metaphor. The interpreters are not asked to cast a mask, but a contemporary and personal reinterpretation of the dream of a Gelsomina of today: feminine and masculine are merged in the creation of alter egos exposed to an ambivalent reading and the result of a sensitivity that sees them interchangeable , fluid, mobile.
Gelsomina-Dreams-photo-by-Andrea-Macchia-1-1024x681The drama is based on the dream of Gelsomina, an ethereal and visionary young woman/child, the bearer of a constantly evolving feeling. Her dreamlike journey gives life to a suspended and never narrative projection of characters poised between glamor in the dolce vita style and the world of the street, mixing circus visions and elements of theatricality with the choreography. The dialogue between disciplines and languages ​​is aimed at the search for these parallel worlds.
The show was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture (MiC), among the 20 unpublished artistic productions of contemporary dance, theater and circus to be financed within the initiative “Italian living on stage”.

The management of the blucinQue Nice production center which produces the show, in collaboration with the Cirko Vertigo Foundation, is by Caterina Mochi Sismondi, creation and performance are by Elisa Mutto, Alexandre Duarte, Federico Ceragioli, Vladimir Ježić, Michelangelo Merlanti and Ivan Ieri with the participation of Nina Carola Stratta, Paolo Stratta, light design Massimo Vesco, original music, sound design and cello Beatrice Zanin, original music, violin, trumpet and electronics Nicolò Bottasso, music by Georges Serge Gainsbourg, Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, Casimir Oberfeld, Charles-Louis Pothier, Nino Rota, Albert Willemetz, costumes by Federico Bregolato and Carla Carucci.
Information: Persiani Theater ticket office 071 7579445, AMAT 071 2072439. Show starts at 5pm.

Dance, circus and live music: Gelsomina Dreams – CM Junior on stage