Author: Yukinobu, Tatsu

Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura are two contrasting high school students.
While the first only believes in spirits, the second swears only by extraterrestrials. Unable to convince themselves, they then set themselves a challenge: Momo will have to go to a hospital where space creatures are supposed to be, and Ken to a haunted tunnel… However, each will have a different kind of encounter. which will turn their lives upside down and bind their fate. It’s the beginning of a heated romance where the occult, the paranormal and the supernatural jostle in breathtaking chaos!


Okarun, the service nerd, and the bubbly Momo now form an unlikely duo! Their objective is clear: to knock Grandma Turbo, the spirit behind the curse that hit Ken. On paper, their plan was simple, they just had to challenge her to the race, move her away from her lair to weaken her and then eliminate her! But when they reach their goal, a sizeable enemy appears: the jibakurei, a gigantic crab that rushes after them!


By Benedick, on 17/10/2022

Dandadan is a curious mixture of genres.
With the presence of supernatural creatures, mediums and extra-terrestrials straight out of a deviant Z series, the genres of the imaginary seem to be mixed without restraint. Nevertheless, what gives this manga its uniqueness is rather a successful symbiosis of teenage romance, comic effects and surprising unreal adventures.
In children’s fantasy works, or even for the general public, interspersing romantic or comic elements can hinder a good action story if the dosage is awkward. Dandadan overcomes this pitfall and can even arouse a sincere feeling of originality. Here, it is impossible to dissociate the “action-sentiment-humor” triumvirate, difficult to fault Yukinobu Tatsu on a possible ultra-sighted specification. It offers a subtle balance of those elements associated with “standard entertainment”. The graphic talent of the author has a lot to do with this feeling of mastery. Yukinobu Tatsu delivers clear and varied compositions during the dialogues, powerful contrasts when the supernatural unfolds and he sparingly offers stylized deformations during the action phases. While the design of the supernatural creatures is well marked in the weird, our protagonists, Momo and Ken, are drawn with a touch of charm and flair while maintaining a plausible urban teenager appearance.
This couple of heroes, united by a passion for the strange, will be the common thread of a succession of events carried out drum-beat. There is a nice balance in this duo, neither of them overpowering the other in intrigue, humor or mystical prowess. An emotional relationship that is built by small touches in the midst of a whimsical adventure that flirts with the grotesque. The mangaka also shows a certain malice in his choices, being neither too conventional nor too scabrous.
After two volumes, no introduction of esoteric factions, long-term antagonist or magic progression system. This contributes to the spontaneity of the title but could give the impression, for the moment, of a freewheeling narrative direction. Which is not necessarily a bad thing if the series continues to renew its ideas of situation and maintain this charming, slightly absurd and overexcited atmosphere of Japanese urban fantasy.

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