Daredevil: Born Again | Deborah Ann Woll assures that she has not received the call to return as Karen Page

Daredevil: Born Again | Deborah Ann Woll assures that she has not received the call to return as Karen Page

series of Daredevil (98%) on Netflix greatly changed the expectations that the public had about Marvel adaptations. Although the MCU movies remained very successful in commercial theaters, some fans preferred these series that were much more mature and explicit in every way. When Netflix had to cancel them, it left a void that the Disney Plus titles really failed to fill. Fans spent years demanding the return of charlie coxsomething that was finally achieved with the confirmation of Daredevil: Born Againand although everyone is very satisfied, it seems that they must prepare for something very far from the original series, and that is that Deborah Ann Woll reaffirms that the company has not called her to join her colleague.

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Thanks to an appearance on Spider-Man: No Way Home (92%) and more recently in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (74%), charlie cox He showed that no one but him can bring Matt Murdock to life. In Daredevil managed to capture the more complex aspects of the dark hero, as well as Vincent D’Onofrio he was able to do it with the villainous Kingpin. Kevin Feigewho is always attentive to the requests of the fans, worked hard to bring them back in an ideal context, since it cannot be easily forgotten that the Netflix series seemed to be in the main universe of the movies that we already know.

Kingpin’s appearance in Hawkeye (87%) It was enough to create many debates about what Marvel plans to do with these characters from now on, and that is that fans fear a soft-reboot that will ruin everything that Cox had already achieved in the original show that had three excellent seasons. In addition, the viewers raised very important questions about the appearance or absence of other essential characters in the history of the series. Would Marvel just save Daredevil and the Kingpin to satisfy the fans?

Those who had the privilege of working in Daredevil they would never miss a chance to return to these roles, but a lot depends on what Marvel wants to do with their continuity. It is true that they appeal to a wider audience, so the original tone could not be fully respected; However, this does not mean that something of great quality cannot be achieved that follows what Netflix proposes. Daredevil: Born Again It’s a double-edged sword that could pave the way for new Marvel adaptations, or it could be a disaster that drives these fans away.

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For them, it is important to have other characters like Foggy, Murdock’s best friend, and, of course, Karen Page, the protagonist’s romantic interest. Long time, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Page, said she was very interested in returning to the role, but Marvel hadn’t called her yet. Now that the production of the new series is picking up, she was questioned again about the matter, but the news is not good. During an appearance on Inside of You Podcast (via Game Radar), the actress commented:

I can say this: they haven’t called me yet. So, up to this point, I’m not a part of that.

I would be delighted to become a part of the series. They know where I am. Like I said, I love Karen Page’s character. I love telling this story. I feel like I have more to say. But it depends on them and what kind of story they want to tell.

After the cancellation of Netflix, the actress had already declared that she felt that her cycle was not over yet, and she knew that there was still room to tell more about her character and develop it in new ways.

It’s a real shame that the Marvel team still hasn’t come close to Deborah Ann Woll, but there is still some time, and considering the strict way in which they handle everything, it could well be an attempt to avoid leaks about their presence, even if it is minimal. The title of the series, in addition to referring to the comics, also suggests a new beginning for the hero, which could serve to relate him to new characters that take on more importance in this new version, moving away from the other adaptation.

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Daredevil: Born Again | Deborah Ann Woll assures that she has not received the call to return as Karen Page