DarkVeins Horror Fest 2022: the Winners

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We publish below the winners of the sixth edition of the Dark Veins Horror Festan international event dedicated to horror, dark, gothic and extreme cinematography organized by theDark Circle Cultural Association.
A heartfelt thanks goes to all the participants who have sent us, from all over the world, their feature films, short films, trailers, posters and soundtracks, precious material that has made this edition an exceptional experience, making it very difficult to choose the finalists .

The winners of the main categories will receive, at their option, the reimbursement of the registration fee or the prestigious award plaque. Furthermore, the reviews of the various awarded works will be published soon (always on this site).

Congratulations to the winners!

The winners of the DarkVeins Horror Fest 2022:

    Pig Killer (USA – 2022) – Directed by Chad Ferrin;
    Part Forever (Taiwan – 2022) – Directed by Alan Chung-An, Ou;
    Gnomes (Netherlands – 2022) – 5 min. 49 sec. – Directed by Ruwan Heggelman; The special effects are by Richard Raaphorst, Jesse Tamerius and Stephan Vos.
    Larvae (Italy – 2021) – 30 min. – Direction and screenplay by Alessandro Rota; The photography is by Gerardo Fornari while the soundtrack is by Francesco Cerrato;
    Werewolf Babysitter (Canada – 2022) – Directed by Patrick Meimari;
    Who Am I? (UK – 2022) – Short film – Directed by Christopher Newberry;
    Agatha (USA – 2022) – Directed by Roland Becerra and Kelly Bigelow Becerra;
    Incubus (UK – 2022) – Short film – Directed by Tito Fernandes;
    Zmiena (France – 2021) – Short film – Directed by Pierre Renverseau.

More info on the winning films below:

Written and directed by Chad Ferrin (The Chair, Parasites), the horror Pig Killer tells the story of Robert Pickton (played here by Jake Busey), a Canadian serial killer responsible for killing around 50 women between the 1980s and 2002.
The killer fed the victims to pigs, after having strangled, slaughtered, disemboweled or killed by injecting antifreeze liquid into their veins.

Lasting approximately 12 minutes, Part Forever is written and directed by Ou Alan Chung-An (Repent). The story sheds light on a Taiwanese custom whereby the soul of a deceased person returns home to visit family within three days of his death. During this period of time, family members watch over the body of their loved one until the day of burial.
Plot: a dark corridor, candles and a young lifeless body in the center of the room. Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung went to say goodbye to the woman’s sister but the sad farewell ceremony hides an amazing and dark secret.

GNOMES (duration 5 min. 49 sec.) is a short splatter/gore film about murderous gnomes. The film is directed by Ruwan Heggelman (Beste Vrienden, Mime), who also wrote the screenplay in collaboration with Jasper ten Hoor and Richard Raaphorst (Frankenstein’s Army). The latter appears in the crew of Gnomes also as an effectist and producer.
Plot: during her daily run, a girl accidentally enters an area inhabited by a tribe of very violent gnomes. Attracted by mysterious luminous mushrooms, the young girl will soon regret having ended up in their territory.
The special effects are by Richard Raaphorst, Jesse Tamerius and Stephan Vos.

The Italian short LARVAE (duration 30 min.) is written and directed by Alessandro Rota (Calibro70).
The story is inspired by Cesare Lombroso, founder of criminal anthropology.
Plot: Turin, 1909. Cesare Lombroso arrives in the isolated home of Lazar, an elderly illusionist. Attracted by spiritism, Lombroso challenges Lazar to demonstrate that the supernatural exists and that it can be the cause of a heinous crime. What may have triggered the homicidal fury in the young seminarian Tommaso and what binds him to the paranormal faculties of Lazar and his son Lorenzo? Is it illusion or reality?
The ancient and decaying house of Lazar hides many truths and Lombroso’s scientific vision will have to open up to new perspectives.
The photograph of Larvae is by Gerardo Fornari while the soundtrack is by Francesco Cerrato.

Written and directed by Roland Becerra and Kelly Bigelow Becerra, Agatha is a dark experimental horror film that blends live-action and animation that took over a decade to complete.
Plot: the “Professor” is suffering from a terminal illness. By a twist of fate, the man witnesses an incredible event involving his mysterious neighbor Agatha and, hoping to find a cure for her illness, he agrees to follow her on a strange and risky journey to a forgotten and desolate land. completely deserted.

INCUBUS (duration 16 min. 45 sec) is written and directed by Tito Fernandes, the visual effects curator of Star Wars – The Force Awakens, The Dark Knight Rises And Interstellar.
Starring Malou Coindreau, Adam Ford and Emmanuel Berthelot, Incubus follows the story of one woman who retires on a boat where she will be the victim of her own fears…

Played by Rurik Sallé (Terres secrètes), the French body horror ZMIENA (13 min. 24 sec) is written and directed by Pierre Renverseau.
Plot: Autumn, dawn. The forest seems alive. At its edge, an old isolated house where Greg wakes up, a man destroyed by a strange malaise and severe pain, perhaps caused by a hangover. Or maybe not…

The winning poster:

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