Déjà rêvé (already dreamed), a phenomenon that few know

Have you ever had the feeling that you have already had the experience you just had in a dream? It’s a neurological phenomenon that science can already explain and that somehow reminds us of déjà vu…

Déjà rêvé (already dreamed), a phenomenon that few know

Last update: January 20, 2023

Have you ever lived a déjà vu (Already seen)? It is very likely. That kind of paramnesia in which we have the feeling that what we have just experienced we have already experienced before, is something quite common. Much has been written about it, films have been made and it is still a phenomenon as striking as it is known to neuroscience. Today we talk about déjà rêvé.

There is nothing supernatural about it, as it responds to a very recurring memory failure that occurs in the temporal lobe. And if we asked you if you ever had a déjà rêvé (already dreamed)? It is a singular experience in which, suddenly, any circumstance or situation evokes something that has appeared in our dream universe.

There are people who almost constantly have the perception of reliving a dream in their daily lives. In other words, while in the déjà vu we tell ourselves that “I have already experienced this”, in the déjà rêvé what we would say to ourselves would be “I’ve already dreamed of this”.

What is it about? Who suffers from it and why? Let’s delve into the matter.

While there isn’t much research on déjà rêvé (already dreamed) at the moment, we do know that it’s a type of reminiscence that we’ve all experienced at a specific, sporadic time. However, it is a very common experience among those who suffer from epileptic seizures.

The feeling that something that has just happened to us we had already dreamed about can be very disturbing.

Déjà rêvé (already dreamed): what does it consist of?

The brain and, consequently, the human mind, are entities as unknown as they are intricate. There are many neurological and memory disorders that are currently not 100% understood. In this way, both the déjà vu that the déjà rêvé they respond to experiential phenomena that science has been trying to unravel for decades and of which we already know some data.

We can define déjà rêvé (already dreamed) as an experience in which a person has the perception of experiencing unexpectedly, something that he or she has dreamed at some point. even more, sometimes, those who suffer from this type of alterations believe they are in a dream. As neurologists themselves point out, this feeling is much more complex than déjà vu.

Let’s see some of the characteristics that define it.

How does it manifest itself?

The CG Jung Küsnacht Institute conducted a research in 2010 on the phenomenon of déjà rêvé. They surveyed 444 students to find that 95.2% of them had had this experience at some point. It is comprensible . In fact, if each of us were asked as well, most of us would say we had that experience at a specific time.

However, it should be noted that there are people who deal with this type of paramnesia with high frequency. Far from being a sporadic event, it has become a frequent reality.

  • There are three types of déjà rêvé. The first defines that experience which turns out to be exact for a very particular dream, of which very precise details are remembered. This type is known as the episodic type.
  • The second family typology refers to perception somewhat widespread that what happens here and now it reminds us of a past dream that we cannot clearly discern.
  • Finally, the third lesson of déjà rêvé it is the most complex and suggestive. There are people who suddenly enter a dream state. Reality it is distorted, you lose contact with it and you have the feeling of being immersed in a dream world. It is a short but overwhelming experience.

Although déjà-rêvé (already dreamed) reminds us of déjà-vu (already experienced), in reality they are two very different phenomena.

Electrical brain stimulation can make a person feel as if something they are experiencing reminds them of a past dream.

I already dreamed about it! Because?

When someone tells us that “I had already dreamed of this thing that happened to me now” we feel a bit of surprise and even skepticism. Does that mean this person has extrasensory or precognitive abilities? Absolutely not. We insist once again that there are many unusual neurological experiences that science still cannot fully understand.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its scientific explanation. THE déjà-rêvé they are attracting more and more attention and, therefore, little by little more studies seem to give us answers on the subject. To begin, neurologists tell us that these experiences, while similar, are very different from the déjà vu. Let’s see some of the causes of its appearance.

When real life reminds us of a dream

As we have already pointed out, it is quite possible that 95% of us have experienced this phenomenon. Many of our nightly dreams are forgotten, they remain in the deepest mental layers. Now sometimes there are certain events or situations that make us remember what we dreamed that night or a few days ago.

It’s like someone who goes to a cafeteria and sees someone drop their cup of coffee. That scene suddenly evokes something like that we live in our dreams.

This makes us have the (wrong) perception that what is happening is exactly the same as those dream narratives that happened recent.

In everyday life it is very common to suddenly remember fragments of dreams that we had some time ago or that same night and which we thought were forgotten.

The stimulated brain and epilepsy

It’s one thing to have an episode or two of déjà-rêvé a year, another is to have them almost every day. The University Hospital of Toulouse, the Center for Research on Brain and Cognition (CNRS) and the University of Nancy conducted an interesting research study in 2018.

Something that could be seen is that electrical brain stimulation (EBS) induces memory of past dreams. Proving it is more important than we think, because people with epilepsy have always reported having this sensation. That many of the things that happen to them, they have already experienced in dreams.

This work was the first to demonstrate the existence of the déjà-rêvé as a habitual experiential phenomenon in patients with this disease. It is a neurological peculiarity that often occurs during seizures. So, along with the set of unusual sensations that occur with this disease, there would also be a peculiarity.

A harmless phenomenon: déjà rêvé

In the vast majority of cases, having déjà you as a déjà-rêvé responds to both normal and surprising facts. They are a little disturbing and manage to leave that mark in us, that of the strangeness of feeling that something that should be new is not so much because we have already experienced it. Either in the past or in dreams.

This is not a problem, more than an amusing anecdote. However, if we have a clear feeling that we are losing touch with reality and that what we see and hear often seems distorted, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

The mind can play tricks on us and it is convenient to know why. Although, as we say, this is a very common and harmless phenomenon.

Déjà rêvé (already dreamed), a phenomenon that few know