Did Victor Hugo carve his name on a wall of the Château de Maulnes? We hope in the Republican Yonne.

We are talking about a graffiti…

who awaits us

in the republican Yonne and on the fourth floor of the Château de Maulnes, a jewel of the Renaissance, one wall of which is engraved with a letter, a dot, and a name, V. Hugo…

And then we begin to hope, and if this graffiti was really his… because do you know it’s plausible, Victor Hugo, had a habit, rascally of leaving his mark on monuments: “I visited Chambord yesterday , engraved with my name on the peak of the highest turret”, boasted Victor, still young, 23 years old in 1825… So why not Maulnes, but did he only come there, and how do you know if they are from him? these banal letters except for the twisted U… But perhaps we are seeing the imposture of a 19th century mischievous man, who for fun would have engraved the name of the poet, because he was a star, Hugo, of his time… It is sweet sometimes not to know.

In our journals you will read spiritual quests.

…and first of all long-term adventures

in the literary pages of Le Figaro, led by the memories of a man of maps and travels, who on December 22 will be 100 years old. Jean Malaurie who, before going to see the poles, Siberia, Greenland, before writing the last kings of Thule or founding the mythical collection Terre Humain, was, he says, haunted by the supernatural. His travels were mystical.

“I think I have been all my life only a stubborn researcher in search through the wild prescience of the peoples of the great North, of my own prescience of the order of the world.” Malaurie says of the first peoples with whom he has mixed that they carry “an imaginary of matter” – which we must draw inspiration from, to ward off “our mad pride”…

In the same Figaro,

a cartoonist with a worried look recounts his quest for the history of the 20th century, which he chisels in his comic strips, Jean-Pierre Gibrat completes the saga of Matteo, which crosses wars and revolutions. Gibrat remembers his communist grandfather who didn’t want to believe in Stalin’s crimes, and he’s happy he didn’t see the fall of the USSR. Would the error be touching when hope animates it?

In life you will read the inner journey of Pier Luigi Maccalli, Italian missionary who was kidnapped in Niger in 2018 by jihadists and who during his captivity, more than two years, supported himself by prayer, and by a faith all the stronger because was she naked? “To see your sky, the work of your fingers the moon and the stars that you stared at, what is man that you think of him”, says the Psalm that he recited to himself, these were spiritually said- his most fruitful years…

In the Cross the Weeklyyou will read that taking the risk of making a mistake is an act of love… The sentence is from Gad Elmaleh, who since

last Friday’s Figaro Magazine never stops recounting his path to Catholicism and his love of the Virgin Mary, he is a Jew of Moroccan origin who studied the Talmud… He makes a film of it which will be released in 6 days, and declines his faith

in still lifevery rich and

in the Obs, where his interview is fruitful because shared with a friend, fifty like him, like him but differently of Moroccan origin, who is also risking the intimate in a film to be released on November 23, which his family inspires him that lives fractured socially, Roshdy Zem says a brother who, after an accident no longer having a social filter, threw the hardest truths at him, a nephew who is a conspirator to cling to reality. Elmaleh has the jubilant enthusiasm of a believer, Zem the restraint and pain of someone who exposes his family, avoiding clichés about Mediterranean families, he transcends intellectualizes without God. At one point in the interview, Roshdy says he envies Gad his bond with his parents, his parents don’t talk, they killed themselves at work and Zem stops, he says, “ah that’s hard to talk about it for me, sorry”, and interrupts the interview for a moment. I remain in the power of this silence.

We also talk about ants…

Who are you know how much a social model, who form in their societies an organized chaos where each individual contributes to the family which can count 5 million individuals, a myrmecologist, as we call the specialist in ants,

Audrey Dussautour describes their intelligence their inventiveness their transmission, an old ant guides a young one towards food, teaches her the way… This is one of the pearls of a recurring must, the Liberation of animals… You will read other astonishments and then sad and cruel things too- but ants respect and they don’t even believe, but what do I know.

In the Journal de Gien, you will read hunting stories, pretty you have to read everything to understand the world and therefore also hear the emotion of Jeanne, 13 years old, who hunts with hounds and fixes a deer in the forest of Orleans before saying tayaut, when the animal runs away, she does not see him die at the end.

In Les Echos you will read an impassive headline, which grimaces or will make you smile, you will choose: “Stopping the grinding of chicks will increase the price of eggs”.

We finally talk about politics…

In the Obs again you will go the quest for François Ruffinwhich the weekly welcomes in majesty and in a great interview on the path of a social democracy which it wants to be concrete and radically moderate, go read to judge the depth of an opponent who is changing and expressing his literary inspirations, Bourdieu , de Cavanna, the stylist who came from the immigration of prolos ritals, the Bible, Gramsci the Italian theoretician of ideological hegemony, who like the Bible is “full of holes”, it is necessary to interpret, and Jane Austen who would have been a Marxist before the hour-what are we without mystery.

Lets go. You also have to read body stories.

In the Dauphiné the old body of Alain Robert Valencia’s Spiderman, who the world over climbs skyscrapers and remembers that in Malaysia, a tower on the 86th floor suddenly had larger smooth panes and more metal trusses to hold on to, he topped, l he building is less complicated than limestone, it always climbs at 60 years, but 60 years is nothing.

In Progress you look at Lyndsey Thomas22, alias the princess of the ring, who practices boxing foot-fist kickboxing on a style of savate and seeing it as an art of strategy, and studies osteopathy, she knows the body like the back of her hand.

In the Team a great trainer, Richie Gray initiates us into the mysteries of ruckthis moment of rugby when the ball lives or dies on the ground under a heap of bodies who want to revive it, steal it, protect it, all this is organized, worked on, I am enlightened and will look better on Saturday France-South Africa. ..

But watching this match, friends, you will also have a thought for Ras Duminasi

that the Parisian founda cheerful South African rastaman, who in 2009 massacred his country’s anthem before a test match in Toulouse, he had excuses, he says how, but he is legendary…

Did Victor Hugo carve his name on a wall of the Château de Maulnes? We hope in the Republican Yonne.